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beginning sewing

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Table of Contents

Free Sewing Book: Sewing Lessons For Beginners

Chapter Six: Now We're Sewing!

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For this part of the book, I cover basic sewing terms, techniques and tips, in alphabetized order. To review various types of stitches (such as basting), go to "Stitches" in this chapter.

I also provide reference to pages on my website that provide further information, plus free patterns and lessons on the subject. To see all of my free sewing lessons and patterns, refer to the links below.

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clipping and notching CURVES: CLIPPING & NOTCHING   
Clipping and notching seam allowances allows the fabric to mold into a curve, without the seam allowance layers bunching up. This is what makes the finished garment lie flat, with nice flat seams and edges. 

If the fabric edge is outside the curve of the seam allowance, a straight snip is made in the seam allowance. This is called clipping. The fabric in the seam allowance will separate into segments allowing the seam allowance to lie flat. Cut from the outside just to, but not into, the seam allowance.

If the fabric edge curve is inside the curve of the seam, a notch is cut into the seam allowance. A notch is a wedge-shaped cut. This removes bulk in the seam allowance and allows the seam allowance to lie flat. Cut from the outside just to, but not into, the seam allowance.

sewing elastic ELASTIC   
Elastic is used to hold a garment in place while allowing flexible movement of the body. Swimsuit leg openings, waistbands of pajamas, and wrists of full sleeves are a few examples. As the body moves, the garment fabric stretches and gives, yet stays in place.  

For instructions on properly attaching elastic, go to our free lesson: Installing Elastic

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Thank you! Relax, get ready, SEW! - Christina Sherrod

Index & Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Fabric, Notions, Pattern & Thread
Chapter 3: Pattern Instructions
Chapter 4: Tools, Layout & Cutting
Chapter 5: Set Up Sewing Machine
Chapter 6: Now We're Sewing - Terms & Techniques
Chapter 7: Pockets
Chapter 8: Zippers & Buttonholes
Chapter 9: Sleeve Installation
Chapter 10: Darts & Pleats
Needle & Thread Chart

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