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Sewing Patterns: Pampered Pets
& Animal Theme

free sewing patterns for pets
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Sewing Patterns For Pets & Those Who Love Them

We provide a large selection of patterns that create useful items for your pet. We also provide animal theme sewing patterns; use for quilts, blankets, wall hangings, or clothing applique. Use your imagination to mix and match to create new patterns. All patterns, text and images © Christina Sherrod of CraftAndFabricLinks unless otherwise noted.

Animal Patterns

Gazing Cat
Gazing Cat

Cats love to look out windows. Use seasonal prints to create a cat for each season. Cat body is partially stuffed, creating a three dimensional look.

tropical fish wall hanging pattern
Tropical Fish Wall Hanging

Four tropical fish blocks & a sea plant block.

dinosaur applique
Dinosaur Applique

Dinosaur applique for quilt, wall hanging or pillow.

lizard applique
Lizard Applique

Donated by (my other site). Add to quilts, tote bags, clothing etc. Enlarge pattern, create two sides, stuff with beans and you will have a stuffed lizard toy.

puppy and cat quilt
Puppy & Cats Quilt

Puppy and 4 cat friends, with playful bones and fish. 36.5" x 37.5" wallhanging or lap quilt. Use blocks for tote, quilt, pillows etc.

Puppy Pillowcase
Puppy Pillowcase

Whimsical applique puppy pillow case; covers standard bed pillow. Large buttons on each side - great for child's bed.

Halloween Cat Applique
Halloween Cat

Cat & Pumpkins Applique


stuffed animal patterns
Stuffed Animals & Bean Bag Toys
My original, much loved Christmas Cat and Cat Bean Bag door stop patterns.

Patterns For Pampered Pets

envelope back pillow case
Pet Bed

Easy to make, versatile pillow cover fits standard pillow. Pets love these cozy pet beds. Envelope opening on back allows for easy removal.

bird cage cover pattern
Bird Cage Cover

Individual side, back and front panels allow you plenty of versatility when opening the cover. Your birds can sleep in privacy with this easy-to-make bird cage cover.

pet quilt
Small Pet Quilt

This make in a day baby quilt is perfect for your small pet, whether in his bed or on the sofa.

pet cushion cover
Pet Cushion Cover

This pampered pup has a snuggly flannel covered rectangular cushion for his carrier. Make to fit any size piece of foam.

pet chair pillow
Seat Cusion/Cover

Make a seat cushion and cover set. Envelope back opening and non-slip fabric. Protects furniture. Also fits in small pet beds.




Animal Theme & Pampered Pets

Review all of our above patterns to find just what you need for your pet. Learn new skills while making fun items for your pet! Use our animal theme patterns to create items for your home, such as quilts and pillows. Our Christmas Cat Pillow is one of our most popular patterns. So is our Cat Door Stop.

Use our pet patterns to create comfy cushions and beds for cats and dogs, and blankets to keep them warm. Our easy pet bed pattern is popular with pet shelters.

Our bird cage cover can be modified for your cage. It keeps light out to allow your bird night darkness and privacy.

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