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Sewing & Fabric Tips & Techniques

sewing tips and tricks
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Sewing Lessons: Alterations, Tips & Techniques

Pattern modification, DIY chenille, fabric printing, bias binding, bling care, sewing with elastic, piping, embroidery, fusible web, matching plaids, attaching ribbing, attaching cuffs, & much more.


sew binding
Add Binding
Learn how to add binding to layered projects such as placemats and hot pads.

custom design your own fabric for printing
Custom Design Fabric
Custom design your own fabric for printing.

shorten pants
Shorten Pants
Cut off excess hem, & re-hem to correct length. Easy!

drawstring pants instructions
Add A Drawstring
Turn a regular pant waist into a comfy, drawstring waist.

chenille blanket
DIY Chenille
Make your own chenille! Chenille blanket or "chenille by the inch".

attaching elastic
Sew Elastic
Learn how to attach elastic. Waistband and swim suit leg openings.

make your own prequilted fabric
Prequilted Fabric
Quilting Bar / Edge Guide: Learn how to use these tools to create your own double-sided prequilted fabric.

Fusible Web
Free pattern & lesson. Happy Day applique using fusible web.

making mitered corners for cushion
Mitered Corners
Learn how to make mitered corners for cushions and bag bottoms. Directions are part of our cushion tutorial.

Decorator Pillow with Piping
Piping vs. Binding
Learn about piping and binding finishing techniques.

make pajamas
DIY Pants Pattern
Learn how to make your own pattern, or alter a pattern. Create comfy pants that fit. Elastic waist and cuff.

Pressing Sheet
Learn how to make intricate applique scenes using a pressing sheet.

altering and sewing tips
Swim suit bra hook replacement.

ribbing instructions
When attached correctly, ribbing is beautifully finished inside & out.

turn photo into sewing pattern
Photo Pattern
Turn a photo into an applique pattern.

pleated apron pattern
Flip & Sew
My "Earth Curves" pattern will teach you this fabulous technique.

pleated apron pattern
Perfect Pleats
Learn how to compute spacing and make perfect pleats.

repair bling
Repair Bling
Care and repair of bling.

bias tape maker
Bias Binding
DIY continuous bias binding.

quilt lessons
Quilt Lessons

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Sewing Lessons
Square Down
Mitered Binding
Hanging Sleeve
FREE Quilt Patterns

Match Plaids - easy lesson

Perfectly line up plaid lines at seams! Don't be afraid to use plaids. Our lesson will have you matching plaids with ease - no more miss-matched seams.
Match Plaids

learn how to match plaids


make a robe Create or a robe or pajama pattern - or alter existing patterns. Our robe has buttons, facings and pockets.
Robe Pattern

make pajamas Pajamas have quick and easy elastic waist. Learn how to alter your own pattern to create different sizes and leg styles, plus attach a cuff.
Pajama Series

Create Your Own Patterns! Learn How To Use Special Tools!

Don't miss any of our above lessons. By altering an existing sewing pattern, new clothing items can be created. We'll show you how to take a simple tee shirt pattern and turn it into a robe - complete with pockets! Change the way your pants hang at the waist. Learn to attach ribbing and elastic, fix bling, use fusible web, create free motion embroidery, use an applique pressing sheet, make chenille. Turn a favorite photo into an applique pattern. What is the difference between binding and piping and when is each used? Learn it all!

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By author Christina Sherrod After working for years as a business consultant, I turned my love of crafts and sewing into a successful business. My dream came true. Yours can too. Start your journey by reading my FREE online business book.

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