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Sewing Center - Free Sewing Lessons

Free Sewing Lessons Free Sewing Lessons
Our own, original sewing lessons and tutorials, plus patterns that teach new skills through fully illustrated instructions.
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Getting Started - Machines & Sewing Basics

If you want to learn to sew, start with our free sewing book. It will teach you the basics in an easy to follow format, with understandable directions and illustrations.

free sewing book
Sewing Book

Great for beginners - our free online book covers everything from fabric lay-out to zipper installation.

sewing machines Sewing Machines

Choose the right machine. What features should you consider? What type of machine is best for you?

easy pillowcase pattern

Get comfortable with your machine and learn basic to more advanced sewing skills by making pillows and pillowcases.

sewing and craft product reviews
Product Reviews

Our opinions on the quality and benefits of various products. We sew and craft for a living - we know what works!

Gain New Skills - Improve Old Skills

Each of our patterns teaches sewing skills. Learn new techniques while making beautiful items. Use your own imagination and creativity to build upon what you learn from our projects.

sewing patterns
Sewing Patterns

Our patterns range from beginner to advanced and are designed to teach new skills. Learn new techniques as you complete beautiful new projects.

free sewing lessons
Special Techniques

Pattern modification, DIY chenille, fabric printing, bias binding, bling care, sewing with elastic, piping, embroidery, fusible web, matching plaids, attaching ribbing & much more.

sewing clubs
Sewing Club

Being a member of a sewing group is a fun way to learn new skills - and make new friends with similar interests. Read our article for tips on starting and running a group.

Embroidery & Quilting

Embroidery, whether hand or machine, adds detail to projects. Our quilt lessons teach precision cutting and sewing. The techniques learned can be useful for any sewing project.

free sewing lessons
Stitch Glossary

Learn decorative hand embroidery. Fully illustrated glossary of hand embroidery stitches.

free motion machine embroidery lesson
Free Motion Embroidery

Raise the feed dogs, add stabilizer to the underside of your facric, and guide the machineto run in various directions and speeds to create grass, twigs, plant detail, texture, and other custom designs.

free quilt lessons
Learn To Quilt

Definitions and Lessons. Blocks, rows and sashing fully illustrated. Assemble, bind and add a hanging sleeve to your finished quilt. Learn how to make perfect points and square down blocks. Speed quilting and use of tools are also covered.

Children's Fabric

fire retardant fabric Fire Retardant Fabric: We all want to keep our children safe from fire and burns. Is fire retardant fabric the best choice for sleepwear? Are there alternatives? What is fire retardant fabric? What are the government standards? Pros and cons?

We answer these questions in our article.
Click here to learn about fire retardant fabric

Start Your Own Business

free craft lessons I actually did it! You can too! Interested in turning your passion into cold, hard cash? Don't let a lack of business knowledge keep you from realizing your dreams.

My online book is totally free. Learn what is necessary to create a sound, profitable business. I provide a wealth of information to help you succeed.
Click here for business lessons

free painting video tutorials

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Sewing Book
Sewing Lessons & Tips
Quilt Lessons
Stitch Glossary
Sart Your Business

Sewing Supplies Directories

free painting lessons by Christina Sherrod Art

business book
Business Book

By author Christina Sherrod After working for years as a business consultant, I turned my love of crafts and sewing into a successful business. My dream came true. Yours can too. Start your journey by reading my FREE online business book.

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craft accessory patterns
Stitch Glossary
free sewing lessons
Sewing Book