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Sewing & Craft Patterns: Medical Needs

free sewing patterns for medical needs
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Craft & Sewing Patterns For Medical Needs

Help yourself or a loved one during recovery by creating something truly special. Our patterns create practical items for a hospital stay, comfort items for everyday life, & items to brighten one's day.
All patterns, images and text © Christina Sherrod of CraftAndFabricLinks unless otherwise noted.


hospital quilt pattern
hospital quilt

Add cheer and comfort to a hospital room.

free pajama pattern

Comfy clothes help create a more healing environment.

wheelchair bling
Wheelchair Bling

Turn an ordinary wheelchair into a custom ride.

reversible chemo hat
Chemo Cap

Reversible cap. Covers hair that cannot be groomed, and adds warmth when hair has been lost.

soothing lavender pillow
Soothing Lavender

Wonderful sachet that provides soothing scent.

insulated shoe insert pattern
Insulated Soles

Adds comfort for those with poor circulation or neurological problems.

hospital bag
Hospital Bag

Keep it packed with essentials.

make a robe

Custom fit your robe for added comfort.

wheelchair seat cushion
Wheelchair Cushion

Wheelchairs can be uncomfortable. Add your own comfy cushion.

mosaic box
Bedside Mosaic Box

Reduce stress by tearing scraps of paper. Glue stick, box and paper is all that is required.

body lotion instructions
Healing Lotion

Soothing lotion for a nice massage or to heal dry skin is always a hit.

healing bath salts
Body Scrub

Pamper yourself or a loved one with our neurishing body scrub.

bling medicine storage box
Medicine Box

Space is short in a hospital or rehab center. Organize your items in a custom box.

gift bag
Gift Bag

Bring your loved ones gifts in cheerful bags you have made. Stamp greetings onto the bag.


Standard, Queen & King. Cheer up a hospital bed with a colorful pillowcase.

pocket tissue cover pattern
Pocket Tissue Cover

Cute, easy to make pocket-size tissue cover. Add cheer to a hospital room.

stuffed animal patterns
Stuffed Animals & Bean Bag Toys
My original, much loved Christmas Cat and Cat Bean Bag door stop patterns. Creates a fun gift for a patient.

Add Cheer During Recovery

The patterns above create wonderful, useful items for patients and caregivers. Our beautiful hospital quilt will brighten any hospital bed - give as a gift to your loved one. Our insulated shoe inserts add warmth to shoes or slippers. A custom robe or pajama pants add comfort and style. The cap adds dignity for anyone who has lost hair due to medical treatment, surgery or illness. A few patterns were designed by a patient who learned from her own experience just what is needed while in a hospital.

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