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Striped Placemat

Christmas, Holiday or Birthday

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striped border placematInstructions For Four Placemats

Designer: Christina Sherrod

Use our letter patterns to add a name or personal greeting to your placemats. "You Are Special" applique can make your special person feel appreciated on a birthday or other occasion. Create colorful stripes for a birthday, or a candy cane theme by simply changing fabrics.

Links to my letter patterns are provided below. 

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Placemat Size

My instructions create a roomy 12" x 20" placemat. This allows for the plate to fit in the center section. Change the sizing of the center or striped borders if you wish to change the size of the placemat. My instructions will create 4 placemats.

Alternate Borders

special occasion placemat The border panels can be made from one fabric (rather than pieced in stripes). Also quite pretty, it makes up much more quickly.

Supplies - Creates 4 Placemats


Your choice for: border stripes, center square, binding, backing

Note: You will get entirely different looks by changing your fabrics. Here are a few ideas: use one solid piece of fabric for the side borders (instead of stripes - see previous photo), use horizontal strips to make the borders (top photos), use contrast fabrics for binding, or finish without binding (go to Easy Placemat Pattern to learn how to finish a placemat without binding). For the two striped side borders, feel free to try out various color themes.

Allow extra if you are using one-directional fabric. Remember to pre-wash and dry your fabric before cutting to ensure the correct size. The amounts below allow for some shrinkage and some extra in case of errors. These quantities assume a width of 42"-45" for the fabric bolt.

The following quantities will make 4 placemats:

Border (stripes) Fabric
For two-color stripes (such as candy cane): yard color 1; yard color 2
For 4 color stripes (such as special occasion mat): 1/3 yard each of 4 different colors
For solid borders (no stripes): yard

Center Square Fabric
Each center square is 12.5" x 12.5", so you will need yard for 4 squares

Placemat Back Fabric
Each quilt back is 12.5" x 21", so you will need yard for 4 backs

Binding Fabric
This makes the edging that runs all around the outer perimeter of the placemat. Adding binding is optional; it is possible to finish without binding (see separate instructions on binding and finishing): yard fabric

Scrap pieces for letters


Batting, felt or fusible fleece
You will need enough filling (batting or fusible fleece) for four 18" x 21" placemats. TIP: Fusible fleece or batting makes layering your placemats quick and easy. Just fuse to your fabric top, then add the backing.

Fusible fleece adds a nice padding. It noes NOT provide insulation. If you need insulation against heat or cold, use cotton batting and Insul-Bright.

Fusible Web
Also called iron-on adhesive: for attaching letters until they are sewn (optional)

Letter Applique Pattern
Use your own pattern or machine embroidery, or download our letters, available in pdf format. For instructions on downloading pdf files, go to: pdf instructions.

Applique Letters A-J      Applique Letters K-Z

Sewing Supplies

sewing scissors
quilting pins
large sewing ruler
fabric marking pencils
seam ripper
rotary cutter and mat (optional but nice)
quilter's square

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