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Easy Placemat Pattern

Easy Placemat Pattern

measures 12.5" x 17.5"

♥ quick & easy ♥


Hurry Up Placemats

Need a set of placemats and a table runner in a hurry? We have just the patterns you need. It takes just one yard of top fabric and one yard of back fabric, plus one yard of fusible fleece to make six easy placemats. It takes just a bit more to add the table runner. Besides being quick to make, this project is very economical.

NOTE: Fusible fleece adds a nice padding. It noes NOT provide insulation. If you need insulation against heat or cold, use cotton batting and Insul-Bright.

Make a matching table runner

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1. Cut 6 top pieces, each measuring 18" wide by 13" tall, following diagram at right.

2. Cut 6 bottom pieces, each measuring 18" wide by 13" tall, following diagram at right.

3. Cut 6 fusible fleece pieces, each measuring 18" wide by 13" tall, following diagram at right.
fabric layout

4. Lay fusible fleece adhesive side up. Lay top fabric over fleece, right side up (wrong side of fabric is toward fleece). Iron fabric to fleece.

5. Lay bottom fabric over top fabric, right sides together. Pin corners. Stitch around perimeter using a 1/4" seam allowance. Leave a four or five inch opening for turning right side out. See diagram at right. stitch front to back

6. Trim corners (cut corners off, diagonally, close to stitching).

7. Turn right side out. Use a turning tool or blunt end of a crochet hook (or something similar) to push out corners. Turn open edges under. Press all edges and corners with iron.

8. Topstitch around entire outside edge, 1/8" from edge. See diagram at right.

NOTE: It's difficult to get perfectly square corners. They will probably be at least a tiny bit rounded. If you make a sharp corner with your topstitching, your rounded corners will show more. Therefore, I stitch up to within a stitch of the corner, then turn the corner slightly and make one or two stitches diagonally to the corner, then turn slightly and stitch on down the next side. Be sure your needle is DOWN when you come to a corner. This allows you to turn your mat without pulling the needle away from the mat. Some machines allow you to designate a needle down position when stopping (a very nice feature).
top stitch

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