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Pleated Apron

with optional embroidery & pocket

embroidered pleated apron pattern

Page 2: Create Lower Hem

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embroidered pleated apron pattern

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4. Stitch Sides & Hem

stitch sides The sides naturally rolled under another 1/4" when the hem was turned right side out. Press each side 1/4" under all the way from the hem to the apron top. Stitch from the top of the hem fold to the top of the apron. Stitching is shown in red.

You can now hand or machine stitch the hem line into place. Measure it all the way across to be sure it is straight. It should be a 5.5" hem. Press. Pin. Stitch into place.

5. Mark Waistband Area

waistband area Turn piece wrong side up. Draw a line straight across the piece, 3" from the top edge. It should look like the image on the right (the right edge is cut off in the photo).

6. Create Center Pleat

first pleat The apron will have 5 pleats across the top. The first pleat will be in the center. The other 4 pleats will be evenly spaced, with two on each side of the center pleat.

The first pleat to be created is the center pleat. Turn piece right side up. Fold the piece length-wise, right sides together, to find the center. Press the fold line from the top edge to the 3" line.

Draw a vertical line from the top edge to the 3" line, 1" to the left of the fold line. Stitch along the vertical line, from the top edge to the 3" line. This will create the center pleat.

7. Press Center Pleat

hem Turn the piece wrong side up and lay out straight. Push the back side of the pleat down flat and press with iron.

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