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Pleated Apron

with optional embroidery & pocket

embroidered pleated apron pattern

Page 4: Waistband & Pocket

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embroidered pleated apron pattern

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9. Waistband

The waistband can also be embroidered. If you are not going to embroider the waistband, go to the "Stitch Waistband" section.

Mark The Embroidery Area Of Waist Area
Turn the apron right side up. Draw a line (or mark with pins) 3" down from the top edge. This marks the base of the embroidery area.


top embroidery Draw another line 3/4" above the first line. This marks the top of the embroidery area. Do any desired embroidery at this time, staying between the lines.

The photo on the right shows a finished apron (after waistband has been turned to back). From the bottom of the embroidery to the top edge is 1.5".

Stitch Waistband

Place the apron right side up. Fold the top apron edge over to the back 1.5". Stitch along base of waistband; do NOT stitch ends closed. Press the apron on the back side and again on the front side. The backside of the embroidery is hidding inside the waistband.

waistband back

waistband back

press apron

10. Ties

Cut tie pieces 3.5" x 22" (or longer if needed). Press under 1/4" along two long sides and one short end.

Fold the tie wrong sides together lengthwise. Stitch around all four sides, close to the edge.

Insert the end with the raw edge into the opening of the waistband. The tie will be slightly wider than the opening. Use your fingers to "gather" the tie end so it fits into the opening. Stitch across the waistband end, securing tie into waistband. Repeat with the second tie.

press tie

stitch tie

11. Pocket

Cut a pocket piece according to the measurements on page one. Turn under the the bottom edge and the two side edges 1/4". Turn under 1/4" again. Press all edges. Hem under the top edge. Place the pocket onto the apron and stitch into place, stitching the two sides and across the bottom.

Visitor's Photo

Suzy pleated apron 2 The following photo was sent to us by Suzanna Socha. She used our instructions to create a pleated, floral apron with 2 pockets. Very beautifully done!

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