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Turkey Applique Pattern

Seasonal Wallhanging

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Thanksgiving turkey applique
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Thanksgiving Turkey Applique Pattern

Designer: Christina Sherrod

turkey appliquePart of our seasonal wall hanging series. Measures approx. 20.5" wide x 23.5" tall. 
Also see: holiday patterns for wood pumpkin & fall patterns. 
All patterns, text and images © Christina Sherrod of CraftAndFabricLinks unless otherwise noted. 

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About This Pattern

SIZE: The finished wallhanging measures approx. 20.5" wide x 23.5" tall, if the pattern is used in its orginal size.

turkey applique pressing sheet Use this applique pattern for wall hanging, quilt, pillows, cards etc. Use with an applique pressing sheet for quick and easy assembly. Shrink pattern to fit to card stock. Print out the overall lay-out page. Shrink or enlarge as you need depending on your project.

This pattern is part of a seasonal and Holiday Series Wall Hangings. For more patterns in this series, go to  Holiday Series Wall Hangings.

For instructions on using an applique pressing sheet, go to:  Applique Floral Pattern


Pattern & Layout Guide

My patterns download as pdf files. For instructions on downloading pdf files,
go to: pdf instructions.

Thanksgiving Turkey Layout Guide This is a small print that shows the overall layout of all turkey parts. Refer to this diagram when taping the pattern pieces together to create the layout page (page 2).

Pattern Pieces 
Our pattern pieces will make a turkey that fits onto a background piece of fabric measuring 15.5" wide x 18.5" tall. The turkey will be approximately 11.5" x 13.5". The turkey can then be appliqued onto background made from one fat quarter.

If you wish to create a different sized turkey, print my pattern and then use a copier to shrink or enlarge the pattern.

Print 2 copies of each of the following pages. One set will be taped together to create the layout page, and one will be cut apart to create the pattern pieces.

Turkey Pattern Page 1 

Turkey Pattern Page 2 

Turkey Pattern Page 3 

Turkey Pattern Page 4  

Fabric, Batting (or fusible fleece) & Fusible Web

Choose fabric and batting according to your project. NOTE: fusible fleece is fabulous for small projects such as this. Just fuse to your finished piece and then layer the top and bottom as you would any wall hanging or quilt. 

If you use our patterns above to make the 15" x 18" turkey block (on the photograph on the left above, the turkey block is the brown fabric containing the turkey), you will need: 
1 fat quarter for the background: cut it to 15.5" wide x 18.5" tall 
1 fat quarter each for your main colors; scraps for smaller pieces 
1 yard of fusible web (I used our Heat N Bond Lite) 
20.5" x 23.5" fabric for backing, 20.5" x 23.5" piece batting (or fusible fleece) if you are making a wall hanging 

Yellow Border: Two strips measuring 18.5" x 1.5", two strips measuring 17.5" x 1.5" 
Narrow Green Borders: Two strips measuring 15.5" x 1", two strips measuring 18.5" x 1" 
Pumpkin Borders: Four strips measuring 20.5" 
Narrow Black Borders: Two strips measuring 20.5" x 1", two strips measuring 17.5" x 1" 

Hanging sleeve fabric: one piece measuring 3" x 15.5" 
Outer Binding: Strip measuring 1.5" wide. You will need a length approximately 110"

Sewing Supplies

sewing scissors
quilting pins
large sewing ruler
fabric marking pencils
seam ripper
rotary cutter and mat (optional but nice)
applique pressing sheet

turkey applique quilt I added a 1" yellow border, then a 1.5" outer pumpkin border. A small strip of green is placed on top of the background with the fold toward the turkey, a small strip of black is placed with the fold toward the turkey on top of the yellow print. The outer binding is black.

Instructions for borders follow instructions for turkey applique (page 2).


All seams are 1/4"

Continue to page 2 for directions

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