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Wood Welcome Pumpkin

painted wood pumpkin

harvest, Halloween or Thanksgiving

Welcome wood pumpkin pattern
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Country Pumpkin

Welcome guests to your home with this "country pumpkin". Perfect size for your front door. Make a wood pumpkin for your yard as well (see link below).

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Outdoor Use / Pattern Size

The pattern as is creates a pumpkin approximately 25" long by 5.5" wide.

If you wish to change the size of this pumpkin:
Print the pattern (click on the pdf pattern listed under supplies), then draw grid lines onto the pattern. Your grid lines can represent 6 inches, 1 foot, or any dimension you wish. Using your gridlines as a guide, redraw the pattern onto a sheet of plywood.

Use As Applique

Print the pattern (click pdf listed under supplies), then draw the outlines of the various turkey pieces. For directions on layering pieces using an applique sheet, go to: turkey applique tutorial


Exterior Use: For Use In Yard

3/8" Plywood (sheet size depends on the size you plan to make your pumpkin - 1/4" plywood would be ok if you are making a smaller pumpkin, such as 2 feet long or smaller) 

Exterior Paints: Undercoat paint, colors of your choice for pumpkin: pumpkin orange, yellow, brown, forest green. Shading adds dimension, but can be omitted.

Paint the back of the piece with 2 coats of any exterior paint or varethane. 

Interior Use (or protected outdoor area such as front door with covered porch)

Wood 1" thick Pine:large enough piece to fit your desired size of pumpkin (pattern is approximately 25" x 5.5")
3/8" thick scrap: for sunflower
1/4" thick scrap: for sunflower center

Delta Pumpkin for pumpkin 
Delta Opaque Yellow for sunflower 
Delta Autumn Brown for sunflower center 
Delta Forest Green for pumpkin stem

Other Supplies

Sand Paper: Medium to fine grit 

Tack cloth: to dust off sanded pieces 

Paint Brush(es) of your choice

Black painter's pen for writing "welcome" on sign

Pumpkin pattern page 1
Pumpkin pattern page 2
Pumpkin pattern page 3

Our pattern pages fit onto a 8/5" x 11" pieces of paper and download as pdf files. If you need instructions on using pdf files, go to PDF Instructions.  


1. Cut out all pieces.

2. Paint pieces; let dry thoroughly

3. Sand edges heavily to give a well worn appearance.

4. Stain all pieces using Minwax Provencial Stain.

5. Glue center of flower onto flower; glue flower onto pumpkin.

6. Drill holes where indicated at each "X", using a small drill bit.

7. Add rusty wire through holes and twist the wire in front to secure.

8. Add raffia to wire. Mount your new pumpkin on a fence, post, or stake.

Happy Fall! 

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