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painted wood pumpkin pattern

Painted Wood Pumpkin

Free Craft Project

Actual Size: 3 feet x3 feet pumpkin

Project by Walter Hoke for

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This friendly pumpkin is ready for fall, Halloween, or Thanksgiving. Use our pattern to cut your pumpkin any size you wish (the pattern grids can represent any size). Use exterior paints over plywood to create a sturdy yard display piece.

This pattern was designed for us by artist Walter Hoke; copyright © 2004. You may use it for your personal use only. Any other purpose must be first approved in writing by us.

All Patterns, images and instructions are copyright protected.
Please read our Terms & Conditions before using our patterns.


3/8" Plywood (sheet size depends on the size you plan to make your pumpkin - 1/4" plywood would be ok if you are making a smaller pumpkin, such as 2 feet x 2 feet or smaller)

Exterior Paints: Undercoat paint, Semi-gloss black for hat, white or gray for hat details, cadmium yellow light for first coat of pumpkin, cadmium orange for the pumpkin details (lines, etc.).

Sand Paper: Medium to fine grit

Tack cloth

Paint Brush(es) of your choice

Wood Pumpkin Pattern : PDF file

Our pattern will fit onto an 8/5" x 11" paper and will download as a pdf file. If you need instructions on using pdf files, go to PDF Instructions.


Enlarge our pattern to the desired size. We have added a grid to make this easy for you. For example, each square on the grid could equal 6", 12" etc. If you use 6" per square, your finished pumpkin will measure 2 feet x 2 feet. If you use 12" per square, your finished pumpkin will measure 4 feet x 4 feet.

Transfer the pattern to the plywood. You can do this by placing graphite paper under your pattern and using a stylus to press down on the lines of the pattern, transferring the pattern to the wood. Or, you can "free hand" draw the pattern onto the wood, using the pattern as a guide.

Use a saber saw to cut your pumpkin from the sheet of plywood. CAUTION: You must be skilled with the saw before attempting to use it. If you are not skilled at the use of a saw, and knowledgeable about its safety, find a skilled craftsman to cut this for you.

Sand the front of the pumpkin until smooth. Use a tack cloth to remove dust.

Apply a coat of undercoating to both sides of wood. Let dry.
Paint the front of the piece with desired colors and details.
Paint the back of the piece with 2 coats of any exterior paint or varethane.

Mount your new pumpkin on a fence, post, or stake. He can also lean up against a tree or the house.

Happy Fall!

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