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School Spirit Shirt

No-Sew Applique

turn graphics into custom applique

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school spirit applique shirt
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Create Custom Applique - School Spirit Shirt

Designer: Kayla Sherrod

Create a design on your computer. Print the design to applique transfer paper. Iron the design to clothing. Add a stylish, trimmed "v" neck and side ties. That's it! Quick and easy. No sewing required.

If you prefer, you can use ready made appliques for this project. For this project, I used a mix of ready-made applique and computer printed applique transfers.

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About This Project

school spirit applique I used a regular, sleeveless round neck tee shirt. I cut a "v" in the front, and trimmed the raw edges with ribbon. I cut slits in the sides to create ties. This created a more fitted, "fun" look. The stars were ready made appliques; the numbers were created on a computer and printed to transfer paper, then ironed to the back of my shirt.

Letters can be ready made appliques, or cut from fabric and ironed on using fusible web, or printed from your computer. Our instructions explain all of these methods.

Project Supplies

Purchase a plain white tee shirt or tank top. Optional: hat, shorts, backpack, cloth shoes, etc.

Method 1: Ready Made Applique
Stars, cheers, names, or numbers. There is a wide assortment of ready made letters and designs. I found several easy to use appliques at Michaels's (craft store). These appliques are simply peeled off from the backing, then ironed onto the shirt. 

Method 2: Create Custom Applique Using A Pressing Sheet
Use this method for more intricate appliques. Create your own applique, using a pressing sheet. An applique pressing sheet makes it possible to create very intricate appliques. Fusible web is ironed to the wrong side of fabric, then the pieces are cut from fabric and ironed to the fusible web. The pieces will stick to one another, not to the applique pressing sheet. The finished applique is then ironed to the shirt. With this method, you can create your own team spirit appliques.
Instructions for using applique pressing sheet  

Method 3: Create Custom Applique Using A Pressing Sheet
(great for creating your own letters) For letters, iron fusible web to the wrong side of the fabric. Cut out the letters or other designs and iron them onto the shirt. You can also use this method to cut stars and other shapes from printed fabric. Look for fabric with stars, sports balls etc.
Fusible Web Instructions/Letter Pattern

Method 4: Create Your Own Design On Your Computer
Use art or text software to create your design. Print to transfer paper. Cut out designs and iron the designs to the shirt. Transfer printer paper can be purchased at sewing, craft or office supply stores.
Free Instructions & Pattern: Shamrock Shirt.

Method 5: Design Your Own Fabric
Design your own fabric on your computer, then upload it for professional printing. Cut appliques from your own fabric.
Design Your Own Fabric: Free Lesson.

applique suppliesAPPLIQUE SUPPLIES
If you are creating your own appliques, you will need transfer paper and fabric, or fusible web and fabric: see methods 2, 3 & 4 above for free patterns and instructions.

Optional: ribbon, fabric glue or heat n bond (for creating "v" neck), paint, glitter and other items for added decor.

Sewing Supplies

sewing scissors and sharp scissors for cutting out applique pieces
quilting pins
large sewing ruler
fabric marking pencils
seam ripper
rotary cutter and mat (optional but nice)

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