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Design A Custom Pillow Cover

Use Canva To Custom Design Fabric

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custom design your own fabric with Canva
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Tutorial By Green Park Studios

We at CraftAndFabricLinks thank Green Park Studios for donating this fabulous tutorial!

CraftAndFabricLinks is not affiliated with Green Park Studios. If you wish to donate a tutorial or free pattern, please contact us.

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Design A Custom Pillow Cover

Designer: Lisa of Green Park Studios

Who doesn't love a custom pillow? Here at Green Park Studios, we are in LOVE with them! It is so simple to design up a personalized pillow for yourself or to give as a gift. If you want to impress your friends and family this holiday season, follow the tutorial below on how to design and print your custom pillow cover.

Pillow Cover Size

This tutorial creates a custom pillow cover that measures 18" x 18".

Specify Your Design Space

Head over to At the top, you will see some templaes for creating a design. At the top right of that section, you will see "use custom dimensions". Click on that. When you do, boxes to enter the width and height of your design will appear. There is a drop down menu for you to select 'pix', 'mm', or 'in'. Keep this selection at 'px', which stands for pixels.

For this tutorial, we are creating an 18" x 18" pillow cover. In order for you to get a good quality print on fabric, you will want to create a design that has a resolution of 150 pixels per inch. To calculate the values for the width and height of your design, in pixels, multiply the width and height of your design by 150.

Because this pillow cover design will be 18" x 18", you will enter 2700 pixels for the height and width (18 inches x 150 pixels per inch).

After you enter your dimensions, click the green box that says "Design!".

Getting Around Canva

using canva menus After completing the steps above, your canvas will open and you will see a blank, white square with menus to the left. From top to bottom, there are five main menu items: search, layouts, text, background, and uploads. When you click any of these icons, a subset of choices for each main menu appears. Feel free to play around with the menus and make yourself familiar with Canva.

Choose A Background Color

using canva background color The first thing you want to do is select the background color of your pillow. If you want your pillow to have a white background, you can skip this step.

To create a colored background, click on the background menu to the far left of your screen. When you click on the background menu, a bunch of background options appear (there are literally hundreds of them!). You can choose one of the pre-determined backgrounds, OR you can select your own color.

To select a color, click on the ""plus" button near the top with the various colored-in circles. When you click on that "plus" button, a color wheel will appear. You can click on any color on the wheel, or enter the hex code of a specific color. For this tutorial's design, we chose an off-white background, so entered the hex code f7f4db. Entering this code automatically changed the background color.

Add Custom Text To Your Design

add text to canva To add your text, click on the text menu on the far left of your screen. When you click on the text menu, many options for text will appear.

Have fun scrolling through to choose the text for your design, OR you can manually enter your own by choosing from the options at the top that say "add heading", or "add subheading", or "add a little bit of body text". When you click on any of these, the text will appear on your canvas and a pop-up menu will appear where you can choose your font type, size and color.

For our design, we chose to add the words "Merrry", "Peace", and "Wish" by choosing the "add heading" option.

Add An Image Or Accent Design To Your Pillow

add image to canva There are two main methods to add images to your pillow design. You can upload your own image by selecting "uploads" in the main menu, OR you can search for a design using the "search" in the main menu. For this tutorial, we will search for an image within Canva.

When you click the "search" button, you can enter anything you'd like in the white search box, or you can choose from the sub menus, such as "holidays", "shapes", "illustrations", etc. Have fun searching for the perfect image!

Once you find the image you like, just click on it, and it will drop onto your canvas. A pop-up menu will appear, allowing you to change the colors of the image. You can click on "forward" or "back" to bring the image to the front, or to put it behind your text. We chose a Christmas tree for our image.

Download Your Finished Design To Your Computer

To download your design, click the "download" button right above your canvas. In order to upload your image for printing on fabric in the Print Studio at Green Park Studios, you will need to save your image as a JPG; click on the first box that says "Image: for Web (JPG)".

When your image is finished downloading, it will open on your computer. You can save your image anywhere you'd like at this point.

Upload Your Design For Print At Green Park Studios

Green Park Studio Go to Print Studio at Green Park Studios. We recommend 150 dpi files for printing, and since you designed your monogram pillow to be 150 dpi, your image will upload at the correct 18" x 18" size! Click on the image for a larger view.

When in the Print Studio page, you will see guidelines on uploading files, then below that a "get started" button. click that button! A window will open where you select your file and you also need to click on the box saying that you agree to the copyright statement. You only want to print images that are yours or that you have permission to print.

Green Park Studio After you upload your file, it will appear in a preview window, and to the right of that, there will be drop downs to select your repeat type, fabric quantity, scaling of your design, and your fabric type. For a pillow, keep the repeat as "basic" choose your quantity (a half yard fits three pillows!), and we recommend you select linen cotton canvas as your fabric. You don't need to worry about the scaling, because you designed your pillow to be 150 dpi; it will upload at the correct 18" x 18" size. Click on the image for a larger view.

Once you make your selections, you are ready to add your design to your cart.
Go to Green Park Studios for more information on shipping, warranties, etc.

Enjoy designing your own custom pillow covers. You, your family and friends will LOVE them!

Sewing Your Pillow

Once you have your fabric, go to Free Pillow Patterns for tutorials on making pillow covers.

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