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School Spirit Shirt

No-Sew Applique

turn graphics into custom applique

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school spirit applique shirt
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Before you begin, prewash and dry the fabric and shirt. Do not use fabric softener. Iron as needed.

1. Mark Sides For Cutting

mark sides Make marks at even intervals along the sides of the shirt. We spaced ours 1" apart. We started and ended 1" from the edges; our center dot was 2" from the edge. This will "nip in the waist" a bit. Use a large sewing ruler if you want to be sure you are spacing the dots equally. Once your marks are made, you will make straight cuts from the edge to the mark.

NOTE: Perfect placement is not crucial. We enhanced the marks in the photos. Use washable fabric marker and/or make the marks on the wrong side (turn shirt inside out).

2. Cut Side Slits

make cutsCut a straight slit from the edge to each dot. The slits should be perpendicular to the side edge.

3. Cut Ties

cut through outer edgeCut each slit into two ties (cut through outer seam on each cut piece). When the shirt is finished, each set of ties will be tied together.

4. Cut "V" Neck

attach HeatNBondCut a "V" in the center front of the neckline. Try on the shirt first to be sure you know how deep to cut the "v". Iron 14" HeatNBond or other fusible web to the cut edges (or use fabric glue).

5. Attach Ribbon To "V"

front ribbon trimFollowing instructions on the fusible web package, attach the ribbon to the "v" opening. For our fusible web, we peeled off the paper on the web, placed the ribbon on the web, then pressed down with a hot iron for the specified time. To create the "v" with the ribbon, place the ribbon along one side first. Then fold the ribbon back up over the opposite side. The bottom edge of the ribbon will (at the base of the "v") will be a fold.

6. Add Applique To Shirt

front of shirtUse ready made applique, or create your own using one of the methods described above. Follow the directions on the package of ready made appliques, transfer paper and fusible web to create your appliques (or follow our instructions using the links provided above). Attach your appliques to the shirt front and back. Add glitter, paint, ribbon, glue-on "gems" etc.

applique Ready made applique.

shorts Ready made letters.

tie sides Side ties.

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Page 2: directions
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