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laptop tote

Laptop Tote

Free Sewing Pattern

large inside laptop compartment
large outside pocket

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Size approx. 14" w x 13" h x 3" deep

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Laptop Tote
Free Pattern

Fashion Laptop Tote

Tired of trying to juggle a laptop, purse and books? This tote creates an easy way to pack around just what you need. This one bag does all the work of a purse, cell phone case, book bag and laptop carrier. Put your laptop inside the large inner pocket, place your cell phone and purse items in the outer pocket's compartments. There is still room inside the main tote for a jacket, books, running shoes, lunch or whatever else you might need on campus.

Finished nicely inside and out, this is actually quite easy to make. You will need the following skills: accurate measuring and stitching, and sewing buttonholes.
laptop tote

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1 Yard Craft Fuse 808
1 Yard Outer Fabric
1 Yard Lining Fabric
18" purse handle with 1" D rings (I used faux leather) - or your choice of handle
1.25" button (or button of your choice) for outside pocket.
Decorative Thread for top stitching
Thread matching outer bag fabric for regular stitching and buttonhole
NOTE: (I used thread that matched the bag in my top spool and thread that matched the lining in my bobbin so the thread blended with the fabric).

I used drapery fabric for my tote. It is a bit heavier than a quilt weight cotton. You can also use duck cloth, canvas, etc. The quilt cottons on our site would work well also. If you want a stiffer tote, use Fusible Fleece rather than the Craft Fuse.

Recommended: seam ripper, sewing thread scissors (small, sharp scissors made for trimming thread), large sewing ruler, rotary cutter and mat.



Cut one 30" x 15" piece of fabric for outer shell of tote.
Cut one 30" x 15" piece of fabric for lining.
Cut one 30" x 15" piece of fabric of Craft Fuse 808 (or fusible fleece).

Inner Pocket
Cut two 15" x 12" pieces of lining fabric.
Cut Two 15" x 12" pieces Craft Fuse.


Iron one piece of Craft Fuse to the wrong side of each pocket piece. Stitch the two pocket pieces together, right sides together, across the top edge only (a 12" side). Remember to use 1/4" seam. Trim seam. Turn right side out and press stitched edge. Zig zag or serge across the lower edge, close to the edge.


Lay the bag lining right side up. Use pins to mark the center line (15" from each end). Use pins or a sewing marker to draw a line across the bag 1.5" up from the center line. This will mark your stitch line for the pocket. Lay the pocket on top of the lining piece so that it's zig zag end is at the top, overlapping your marked line by 1/4". Stitch across the bag, stitching the pocket to the bag. The finished end of the pocket is toward the bottom. Flip the pocket up into place and baste the sides of the pocket to the bag, stitching close to the edge. Your inner pocket will sit right on the bottom of your bag when the bag is finished. See drawings below.

pocket start pocket pocket

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