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laptop tote

Laptop Tote

Free Sewing Pattern

large inside laptop compartment
large outside pocket

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Size approx. 14" w x 13" h x 3" deep

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So far, so good, but what about the open ends?
stitch pocket


Create End Pieces
Cut two outer bag fabric pieces, each measuring 15" x 4".
Cut two Craft Fuse pieces, each measuring 15" x 4".
Cut two lining fabric pieces, each measuring 15" x 4".

Iron one Craft Fuse piece to the wrong side of the lining. Iron one Craft Fuse piece to the wrong side of the bag fabric. Stitch the bag fabric to the lining fabric, right sides together, leaving one 4" open for turning. Trim seams. Turn right side out. Press. Leave the open edge as is for now.

Add End Pieces To Main Bag Piece
Fold the main bag piece in half, cross-wise, to locate the center. Mark the center of the bag on each side with pins. Fold one end piece in half, lengthwise. Mark the center of the finished end with a pin. Pin the end piece to the main bag piece, right sides together, aligning the pins (align centers).
pin sides

Now comes the tricky part. Stitch the end piece to the main bag, leaving 1/4" unstitched on each end of your line of stitching. Now pull the end piece over to the right to align its edge with the edge of the bag. Pin into place. Stitch the long side of the end piece to the bag. Repeat with the left side of the end piece. Now stitch the second end piece onto the bag. Turn bag right side out. The upper edge of the end pieces will be unfinished and longer than needed. That's fine for now.

To see more of this method for attaching end pieces, go to our kitchen appliance cover pattern. I stitched the ends of the appliance cover to the main piece using the method needed here.

Go to: Appliance Cover Pattern

Refer to photos below.

stitch sides finished side


The bag is almost done. All that is left is the tabs attaching the handle. The handle comes with "D" rings on the ends. We will make little tabs (straps) that will be sewn into the opening on our two bag ends. These tabs will attach the rings of the handle to the bag.
almost done


Make Tabs
Cut two pieces of bag fabric, each measuring 2" x 4". Press under 1/4" on each long side of one piece. Fold in half lengthwise, wrong sides together, and topstitch pressed side close to edge. Topstitch opposite edge. Repeat with other piece of fabric.
D ring tabs

Slip a tab through each "D" ring on the handle. Adjust so tab ends are even lengths. Stitch across the tab ends, 1/4" from the unfinished ends. Stitch across again close to the ring. D ring tabs

Press under the top, unfinished edges of the bag end pieces, so that the top of the bag is even all the way around. Do not stitch yet.

Push one tab/ring set into the opening of one end of the bag, aligning the stitching line closest to the end of the tab to the top of the bag. Pin into place. Stitch across the bag end, catching the tab inside. Your tab/ring is now stitched to the end of the bag. Repeat with the other end of the handle.

finished bag
D ring stitched

Cut a piece of cardboard, plastic or particle board the size of the bottom of your bag (approximately 14" x 3 "). Cover the cardboard in fabric and place in the bottom of the bag. I recommend using an envelope back method of covering the board. This way, it is finished on both sides, and the board can be easily slipped into place. To learn how to make an envelope type back, go to: envelope back pillowcase pattern.

You can also loosely wrap the board in fabric. The bag bottom stiffens the bag, adding needed stability and shape.

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