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double and triple cut quilt block

Star Fire

stack & cut quilt

contemporary design

learn double & triple cut technique

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triple cut quilt blocks

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Second Color Set: Fabric Print 3 & Fabric Print 4: Four Blocks


Switch to your second set of fabrics. For this section, I used the fabrics marked "print 3" and "print 4" above. Choose one square of each print.

Lay one square of Print 3 over Print 4. Follow directions above for steps 1-4 for double cut EXCEPT make THREE cuts at step 2 and step 5. You will make 3 vertical cuts, stitch the pieces together, and then make 3 horizontal cuts. You will now have two triple cut blocks of color set two. Refer to diagrams below.

Create two more blocks, using double-cut, double-triple cut, or triple-triple cut.

triple cut block
Cut 3 lines through both layers
Lay one block directly over the other, both right side up.
Cut 3 lines through both layers.

triple cut triple cut quilt blocks Re-arrange pieces; stitch; press.
Two completed triple cut blocks.

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