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double and triple cut quilt block

Star Fire

stack & cut quilt

contemporary design

learn double & triple cut technique

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double and triple cut quilt block Experiment with different prints for totallly different looks.

Flip blocks around, add contrast colors and more or less cuts. For the quilt block above, I used the
Laced Star quilt block.

Embellish with hand or machine embroidery, bling, ribbon, buttons or other decor.

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This is much easier than it looks! Using the "double cutting" and "triple cutting" techniques we will teach you, this is quite easy. Choose contrasting fabrics with bright, bold prints. For a good selection, visit our store for Contemporary Quilt Prints!

The quilt is made from 8" blocks (25 total blocks). Finished size is approx. 41" x 41".

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Use 1/4" seam allowances

General Sewing Supplies
quilting pins

Multi Cut Blocks: fabric  For the large double & triple cut blocks, choose 4 fabrics. You will need 10" x at least 40" width for print #1. For the other three you will need 20" x 40". I'll call these "multi cut block prints".

Four fabric prints will create SIX different 2-color combinations (3+2+1).

Center Block / Batting / Backing  You will need one 8.5" square block for the center block I chose the Laced Star as my center block. You can make any 8.5" block of your choice. For instructions on the Laced Star, go to: For the center star points, I used remaining fabric from my multi cut blocks. If you are using your same four fabrics, you will need a bit extra of prints 1 and 2. Purchase 1/2 yard of print 1, and 3/4 yard of prints 2, 3 and 4. You will also need a piece for your backing (approx 42" x 42") plus batting. You can use scraps for binding.

For the Laced Star background, you will need a strip that is 4"-5" wide x width of fabric. You can use this in the border strips as well.

The fabric for the background was chosen from the "Blenders" section of our store. Make any 8.5" square block as your center block; I used the
Laced Star quilt block. I used the background fabric from my laced start blcok for the binding around the upper right hand corner of the quilt (top and right side). I used a dark fabric for the binding around the left side and bottom.
laced star block

FABRICS I USED for "Multi Cut" Blocks (double cut and triple cut)

All fabrics for this quilt were chosen from the Contemporary and Batik sections of our fabric store.

Jamboree fabric
print 1
Jamboree fabric
print 2
Jamboree fabric
print 3
Batik fabric
print 4

From each of your four multi cut block prints, cut a strip of fabric 10" wide by w.o.f. (width of fabric). Cut another 10" strip. You will now have 2 strips, each measuring 10" x w.o.f. (about 42"-45") for each print.

Cut the strips into 10v squares. You will need the following number of squares:
Print 1: 4 squares
Print 2: 6 squares
Print 3: 5 squares
Print 4: 5 squares

NOTE: In addition to the above blocks, you will need 4 solid blocks. I cut two plain 8.5" blocks from print 2 and two plain 8.5" blocks from print 4 (all blocks are cut to 8.5" when completed).

You will have a total of twenty 10" squares plus the four 8.5" squares. Set aside the 8.5" squares. Divide the 10" squares into piles by print and set aside. Set aside the unused fabric - you can use it for binding etc.

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