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double and triple cut quilt block

Star Fire

stack & cut quilt

contemporary design

learn double & triple cut technique

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triple cut quilt blocks

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First Color Set: Fabric Print 1 & Fabric Print 2: Four Blocks

1. DOUBLE CUT BLOCKS: first two blocks

Print 1 and Print 2 will make up the first set.

1.   Lay one 10" square of Print 1 directly over a 10" square of Print 2.
2.  Make two cut lines through both layers. They do not have to be parellel, but should be straight lines (figure below on left).
3.  Re-arrange your pieces so that the center pieces of each square is placed with the other square (figure below on right).
4.  Stitch sections of each block together. You now have two completed blocks. Press seams toward the darker fabric. Set blocks aside.

double cut quilt block Cut through both layers double cut quilt block Mix-match pieces

Time to "Double Cut"

5.   Lay your first set of blocks so that one block is directly on top of the other and both are right side up and lying in the same direction (figure below on left). Seams should be vertical. Cut two horizontal lines through both layers of fabric (upper figure on right). Re-arrange pieces so that the center of one block is now the center of the other block (lower figure on right). Stitch sections together and press seams.

You now have two "double cut" blocks.

NOTE: It is not necessary for the seams to perfectly match up. These are "crazy blocks", so imperfection is ok!

double cut quilt
Lay one block directly over the other, both right side up.
double cut block
Cut 2 lines through both layers

double cut quilt block
Re-arrange center pieces.

We are still using the same two fabrics. Follow directions in steps 1-4 of section 1 above. Follow the directions under "Double Cut" except make THREE cut lines instead of two at step 5. Use one 10" square of each fabric; create two triple cut blocks.

triple cut quilt
Lay one double cut block directly over the other, both right side up. Cut 3 lines through both layers. Re-arrange pieces.

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