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purse pattern

Vintage 70's
Shoulder Bag

Outer cell phone pocket

Inside Pocket

Zipper Closure

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This fun little 70's bag features an outside pocket with velcro closure, zipper at top of purse, and inside zippered compartment. Just like a 70's purse, but with a convenient outside pocket for your cell phone. The handle is attached with 2 "D-rings". This is a great size for day or night - just large enough to carry your essentials. The finished purse measures approximately 6" x 9".

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Read through all instructions before you begin.

PATTERN Below are pages for pattern pieces for the purse. Each group will fit onto an 8/5" x 11" paper. Our pattern will download as a pdf file. If you need instructions on using pdf files,
go to PDF Instructions.

Purse Pattern 1
Purse Pattern 2
Purse Pattern 3
Purse Pattern 4

1 yard of purse fabric
1/4 yard of lining fabric
2 "D-rings" (large enough to hold a 1" wide purse strap)
1 7" zipper for inside purse (match to lining)
1 9" zipper for top of purse (match to purse fabric)
Thread to match fabrics.

NOTE: Use 1/4" seam allowance for all seams except zippers, which use a 1/2" seam allowance.

Purse Pattern and Fabric Pieces
Cut out all pattern pieces. NOTE: Cut on OUTER dotted lines. The dotted lines allow for seam allowances, etc.
Lay pattern pieces onto purse fabric to ensure they all fit. Cut out fabric pieces. Cut TWO pocket cover pieces. Cut TWO purse front/back pieces (one for front and one for back). Read below for other pieces you need to cut (they do not have pattern pieces).

If the fabric frays easily, stitch around all outer edges, close to the edges. This will prevent fraying.

Purse Strap: You will also need to cut one strap, measuring 2.5" x the length you desire (the one in the photo was cut to 29"; it was about 25" when finished and through the D-rings). You may want to finish the rest of the purse before cutting the strap. The strap should be cut on the length of fabric (parallel to the selvedges - this is not mandatory, but this direction normally has less stretch).

Purse Bottom: Cut one piece, measuring 2.5" x 23" (on the bias if you can; a straight cut will work also)

Purse Top: Cut TWO pieces, each measuring 1.75" x 11".

D-ring Holders: Cut TWO pieces each measuring 3.5" x 2.5".

Lining Pattern and Fabric Pieces
Using the pocket pattern piece, cut one pocket from the lining fabric. NOTE: the upper edge for the lining is cut to the line marked "finished top of pocket" - not the upper dotted line.

Using lining piece 1 and lining piece 2, cut the lining fabric for the inside zippered compartment.

Create Purse Top: Invisible Zipper

Lay the top pieces one on top of the other, right sides together, lining up edges. Lay the 9" zipper next to the fabric pieces. Mark the fabric on both ends of the zipper. See photo.
Using a 1/2" seam allowance, stitch a seam along the long edge of the fabric pieces. Use a regular stitch from the ends to the marks; baste between the marks. Press seam open.

Lay your piece wrong side up. Fold back layers to the left, leaving the right seam allowance to the right. Unzip the zipper and pin it into place between the marks, with the teeth very close to the center basted seam. Stitch the zipper to the seam allowance. NOTE: you are stitching only to the seam allowance - not the outer fabric portion. Close the zipper, with the zipper pull laying toward the center of the zipper; repeat the process on the other side. You will not be able to go clear to the end, because the zipper pull will be in the way. Open your seam allowances. Remove basting. Tack across both ends (the tacking will show on the outside - that is ok), unzipping the zipper as needed.

Invisible zipper: stitching does not show on sides of zipper. The tacking is for extra strength. An invisible zipper would not be installed this way for a dress or other item that requires no stitching to be shown.

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