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painted box

Painted Box

Use paint and crackle solution to create an "aged" storage box!

By Aleah Sherrod for

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Designer Storage Box

Turn a cardboard box into a designer storage piece for your bedroom or dorm room. Store keys and other small items where you can find them. Create a beautiful finish using contrast color paint and crackle solution.

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1 box (Walmart, Michael's, Joann's or other craft supply store)

Two contrasting paint colors (we used gold and green)

Crackle Solution

3 Paint Brushes

Paint Tray
box supplies


1. Paint the lid inside and out, using the lighter paint color (we used gold for base color). Repeat with the box. Allow lid and box to dry. paint lid
2. Paint a coat of the crackle paint onto the outside of the lid and the outside of the box, covering the paint layer, following directions on the crackle paint solution. crackle paint
3. The top (darker) paint coat will go on top of the crackle paint layer. For instructions on when to begin painting on the top paint coat, refer to the bottle of crackle solution. Our top coat is green. finished lid
4. Let all paint and solution to dry. Leave box as is or decorate with buttons, "gems", buttons or other items. decorated box

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