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Craft Patterns: Box Projects

free box craft projects
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Decorative Boxes

Decorative boxes made from wood, cardboard or paper. We include our printable box template.
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paper mache box
Paper Mache Box

Use tissue paper or napkins and buttons to create a beautiful storage box.

mosaic box
Mosaic Box

Torn paper scraps create a beautiful mosaic box.

box template
Box Template

Just print, cut and paste. We provide a quilt Design, Christmas design, and blank. 3"w x 2"h x 2.5" deep gift box.

crackle paint box
Painted Box

Use crackle solution and contrast paints to create a cardboard storage box for dorm or other room.

bling medicine storage box
Blinged Box

Turn a plain cardboard box into a stylish, blinged, custom storage box.

cracle paint button
Wood Box

Create an "aged" affect using crackle paint medium. Directions & illustrations.



Box Making Lessons & Projects

Make your own decorative boxes, using paint, embellishment, and special finishes. Make from wood, cardboard or paper. Scan and print an image and use our printable template so the image is on the folded box.

Use your boxes for home decor, or to package gifts, or to present as gifts. If you have a sewing or crafting business, use your boxes to package your products. 

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