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Quilt Block Apron

size small adult - page 3 of 3

quilt block apron pattern

page 3 quilt block apron: adult

Designer: Christina Sherrod

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Page 3: Create Bib Quilt Block
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Neck Ties / Quilt Block Ties

5. Fold ties right sides together. With right sides together, sew side seams and one end. Turn right sides out. Baste, serge, or sew across the unfinished edge. Repeat with second tie. Pin the muslin quilt block backing to the quilt block, right sides together, with the two finished neck ties placed inside the two layers (unfinished edge of each tie extending slightly beyond the edge of the quilt block). Place the ties so that their seams are toward one another, rather than to the outside.

bib ties The following photo shows the ties pinned onto the right side, top edge of the quilt block back. The quilt block top will be pinned on top as the top layer, right side down.

Sew the backing of the quilt block to the quilt block front along the two sides and across the top that contains the two ties (refer to image below left). Be careful not to catch the ties in the sides of the block. They should be laid out straight so you do not accidentally sew them into any side except at the top.Turn the block right side out, with ties sticking up out of the top. Iron. Refer to the images below.

ties  finish ties

Skirt/ Waistband

towel 6. Serge or zigzag along both long edges of the waistband. Fold under the two ends and iron. Fold the waistband right side out, lengthwise, and iron.

7. Serge or zig zag across the top of the skirt, the bottom of the skirt (top and bottom are the two long sides) and the top of the towel. Fold under the short sides of the skirt 1/4". Fold under again and stitch along the edge, finishing the sides. Run two gathering stitches along the top edge of the skirt and top edge of the towel. Gather the skirt across the top - adjust so that the skirt width equals the length of the waistband. Gather the top of the towel slightly. Place the towel on the skirt, with the right side of the towel and skirt facing up. Baste the towel into place on the skirt (about 2-3" from the side of the skirt).

Place the quilt block bottom edge along the top edge of the skirt, right sides together. Pin the waistband to the top of the skirt, keeping ends of waistband folded under. The bottom layer is the skirt, the second layer is the towel, the next layer is the quilt block, the top layer is the waistband. Stitch across. Refer to picture.

waistband back   waistband front

Finish Waistband / Skirt

8. Fold waistband over top of skirt and pin in place on wrong side of skirt. Hand stitch waistband in place. Refer to images below.

apron pattern

waistband back
back of apron

apron pattern

apron front
front of apron

Place the unfinished edges of the waist ties into the waistband open ends so that seams face toward the floor. If ties don't fit into waistband, adjust their width to fit. Machine stitch across ends of waistband catching waist ties.


9. Sew the yellow pocket strip to the top of the blue pocket piece, right sides together to create an outer pocket piece that measures 8" high x 7" wide. Zig zag or serge across bottom edge of outer pocket. Zig zag or serge across bottom edge of pocket lining. Turn under bottom edge of outer pocket front and bottom edge of pocket lining 1/4" and iron. Sew the pocket lining to the pocket front around three unironed sides, right sides together (keep the bottom edge that was folded under open). Turn pocket right side out. Place pocket on skirt. Sew in place along two sides and across bottom folded edges.

10. Hem the bottom of the skirt.

Congratulations! You are finished!

Your next apron will be easier. Remember, it is always easier to make more than one of any item at a time. It goes much faster to make two together, than it does to make one now and one later.

Page 3: Create Bib Quilt Block
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