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heart quilt block

Valentine Heart Quilt Block

wall hanging, pillow or quilt block

Strip quilting - easier than it looks!

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14.  Pin the right peak to the background piece that is on the right side of the left peak, right sides together (sides are different lengths - line up right peak with background fabric). Stitch and press seams open. See figures below.

pin peaks together stitch peaks together

15.  Pin the upper section (peaks) to the lower section, centering sections, right sides together. NOTE: the upper section is wider than the lower section. That is alright at this point. Be sure the two sections are centered. pin upper to lower

16.  Press seams open. The heart is now complete. Trim the heart block to 10.5" wide x 11.5" tall. Be sure you maintain 1/4" space beyond all points. If you cannot trim down to 10.5" x 11.5" without losing space around the points, leave your block larger. If your block ends up smaller than my stated size after trimming straight and maintaining the 1/4" spaces, that is fine too. You will need to adjust the border sizes if you block is of a different size. The checkerboard border in this pattern is based on a quilt block that is precisely 10.5" x 11.5".

Use a large sewing ruler and rotary cutter to trim the block. A quiter's square is also helpful. If you do not have these items, carefull mark the block using a ruler and washable fabric marker.
press section seams

trim block trimmed block

Cut four strips of border fabric, each measuring 1.5" x 20", in color A.
Cut four strips of border fabric, each measuring 1.5" x 20", in color B.
Stitch strips so that you have four pairs, each with a strip of color A stitched to a strip of color B. Press seams.

Cut into 1.5" pieces.
cut border pieces arrange segments
Arrange 11 pieces in checkerboard pattern. Stitch together. Press seams open. This will be one side border.
Make a duplicate for the second side border.

Side Borders

Each side border has 11 sets of squares (a set being two squares). Pin one border to a side, lining up checker squares with strips (seams should align where appropriate). Stitch into place. Press open. Repeat on the other side.

NOTE: note that the color on the top left on the left side is the same as the color on the top left on the right side (in this case pink). This is very important. If they do not line up like this, the checker pattern on the top and bottom of the block will not align correctly to the sides.
side borders

Top / Bottom Borders

The top and bottom borders each have 14 sets of squares. The longer borders on the right are the top and bottom borders. Notice that one set is like the side borders, but the other set is the opposite. This is important! Refer to the photos below.

finished block finished block

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