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heart quilt block

Valentine Heart Quilt Block

wall hanging, pillow or quilt block

Strip quilting - easier than it looks!

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9.  Place the points above the upper section of your strips so you can see how the upper peaks of the heart will be formed. The diagonal sides are toward the lower section.

lay out points

10. Cut three 5½" x 5½" background squares.
Stitch one 5½" x 5½" background square to the right side of the left peak.
stitch background to peak 1

11.  Stitch one 5½" x 5½" background square to the left side of the left peak. Press seams open. stitch second side

12.  Stitch one 5½" x 5½" background square to the right side of the tight peak (the peaks are not connected to one another yet). background to peak 2

13.  Press seams open. The background pieces for the peaks are now in place. The peaks are not yet connected. peaks formed

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