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Roomy Tote Bag Page 3

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tote bag pattern

Page 3
Create Inside Pocket

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Create Inside Pocket

3. Baste 1/8" from the edge around all four sides of the pocket piece.

4. Cut contrast binding 1.5" x 22". Iron under one long edge 1/4". Stitch the non-ironed edge to the top edge of the pocket, right sides together, using a 1/4" hem (stitch along one 22" side of pocket). 3. Baste 1/8" from the edge around all four sides of the pocket piece.

Flip the binding to the back side of the pocket piece and hand stitch into place using an invisible stitch (blind hem stitch). OR, use a fabric basting glue stick to hold the binding in place on the wrong side of the pocket. The binding on the wrong side should fold over so that it completely covers the previous stitch line. Turn to right side and "stitch in the ditch" along the seam between the binding and pocket (this stitched binding in place inside the pocket). See images below.

attach binding attach binding attach binding

measure for pocket 5. Stitch pocket to bag piece: the pocket will be stitched against the back of the bag, on the inside of the bag, and will sit right on the bottom of the bag. Turn the main bag piece to the wrong side, with the back of the bag toward the top of your work space. Draw a line 1/2" up (toward top edge) from the bottom marker stitch line, to mark placement of the pocket. Remember - the inside pocket will be on the back of the bag. Refer to Figure A below and actual photographs. NOTE: the pocket area is designated by gray lines.

6. Place Inside Pocket upside down, with the right side of the pocket against the inside of the bag. Place the bottom edge of the pocket up along your drawn line. Pin the pocket in place. Turn the bag to the right side and stitch over your old line that marked the bottom of the back of the bag. This will give you the 1/2" seam allowance on the inside pocket and the inside pocket will sit right on the bottom of the bag. Turn piece back to wrong side. Flip up the inside pocket and baste the pocket sides in place on the wrong side of the back side of the bag. Flip up only the pocket - do not sew side seams of bag! Refer to Figure B below.

7. For inside pocket divisions, measure in 8" from one side and stich a line down the pocket (or whatever measurement you wish to divide your inside pocket by). Refer to Figure B above.

flip up pocket

flip pocket

stitch pocket

finished pocket

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