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Roomy Tote Bag Page 2

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tote bag pattern

Page 2
Cut Fabric / Start Bag

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Cutting Instructions

Please Note: These diagrams are not exactly to scale, but pieces fit as shown.

pattern First, cut out your pattern pieces. I use butcher paper, bought on a roll at Costco.

The Main Body piece measures 22" x 33".
The Inside Pocket piece measures 22" x 14".
The straps each measure 3.5" x 24". Make two handle patterns pieces.

NOTE: If you prefer, you can follow the directions later in this project for making handles using regular fabric and interfacing (rather than the double sided, prequilted fabric).

2 yard layout lay out of for 1 yd right and wrong side of fabric

Start Main Bag Piece

stitch bottom of bag 1. Baste 1/8" from edge around main bag piece (to hold all layers together along edges).

2. Find the center of your main bag piece. Stitch a line 2" from each side of the center, as shown at right. This marks the bottom of the bag (front and back bottom edges).

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