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stamped gift bag

Stamped Paper Gift Bag

stamps & ribbon add charm

all occasion bag to brighten someone's day

uses non-toxic ink

project by Aleah Sherrod

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Stamped Gift Bag

Brighten someone's day with this adorable little bag. Whether used for presenting a gift, or giving someone something special, this little bag will brighten their day.

Economical, because you can use stamps and ribbon from other projects. Lunch bags are easy to find and inexpensive. Ribbon can be found at dollar stores. Craft stores carry a large selection of special occasion and holiday ribbon.

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paper bag - lunch bag size: found at dollar stores or party supply stores


ribbon: 5/8" color of your choice (or special occasion / holiday ribbon) - 20" length

stamp: phrase of your choice ("have a nice day" for example)

stamp: decoration of your choice (flowers for example)

ink pad: non-toxic

hole punch
stamped gift bag supplies


1.  Fold Over Bag Top

Fold the bag top over to the back so you know how large your "canvas" is.
fold bag top

2.  Create Hole For Ribbon

Punch one hole on the center top of the bag, large enough to slip the ribbon through. If your hole punch is too small, punch several small holes to make one larger hole. Punch through both layers. I used a small hole punch to create a flower shaped hole.

create hole for ribbon
3.  Prepare Stamp

Lay out the stamps and decide where you want to place them on the bag. Press stamp to ink pad; then apply stamp to bag.
ink pad and stamp 4.  Stamped Bag

Apply the decorative stamp first (flowers in this case) so you know how much space is available for the phrase stamps.
stamped bag
5.  Add Message

Add the stamped message (optional). Use one or more stamps as necessary.
add message to gift bag 6.  Attach Ribbon

Cut 20" ribbon, thread through the hole, tie in knot or bow (your choice).
Trim ends as desired. For fabric ribbon, tie ends into a knot or use a ribbon sealer to prevent fraying. 
attach ribbon to bag
finished small gift bag      

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