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soap petals

Single Use Soap Petals

Hand dipped in glycerin soap, silk petals make beautiful and unique guest soap. Use once, then discard the silk petal.

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Create a beautiful bowl of delicate soap petals for your guest bath. Quick and easy!

This craft project was generously donated by our friend Jeanette and printed here with permission. You may use it for your personal use only.

All Patterns, images and instructions are copyright protected.
Please read our Terms & Conditions before using our patterns.


Silk Rose Petals - your choice of color

CLEAR Melt & Pour Soap

Fragrance Oil (make sure it is skin safe!)


aluminum foil or wax paper (I use aluminum foil)

With 2 oz. of soap, you will get approximately 25-30 petals.


For reasons of sanitation, wash your hands thoroughly before starting this project.

Place 1-2 oz. of Melt & Pour soap (I used 2 oz.) in a microwave safe dish and microwave for 5-10 seconds at a time until it is completely melted. You can also use a double-boiler method to heat the soap.

Add 10-12 drops of fragrance oil and stir. If you can smell it in the soap, it's probably enough. You can use your first dipped petal to test the strength and if it's not strong enough for you, just add a few more drops of oil. This is kind of a personal preference thing.
Using your tweezers, pick up the petal as close to its edge as you can and dip the petal in the soap.
Hold above the mixture just until it stops dripping.
Place on aluminum foil or wax paper.

Repeat until all soap is used up. You may have to put the soap back into the microwave a few times during this process to re-melt.

Let petals dry completely.

That's it!

Remove from foil or wax paper and place in a pretty dish and use as guest soaps or just potpourri. I had to put a little tent sign (I did it on the computer, it was really cute - see photo at top of page) that said "Single Use Soap Petals". Otherwise, people who've never seen them before might not know what they are! You just take a petal and rub it between your hands under warm water and it's the perfect amount of soap for a single use! Then throw the petal away!


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