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mini quilt card project

Mini Quilt Cards

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Page 1: Supplies
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Mini Quilt Cards

Designer: Christina Sherrod

mini quilt Halloween card Just about any quilt block can be turned into a mini quilt. A solid piece of fabric will also work well (see following Halloween card).

A quilt block is usually 8" square. A mini block is 4" square. For my two pieced mini quilts, I simply took a couple of my favorite quilt blocks and cut the dimensions by half.

I provide directions for 3 pieced mini quilt blocks on the following page. I also provide printable card templates with greetings for various holidays (page 3). Each template comes in two versions: with a square to be cut out, and without the cut-out area (the mini quilt is adhered to the card front).

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The printable template creates a printed area that partially covers the front of a 5.5" x 8.5" card. The templates can be trimmed to the size you need. Your mini quilt can be placed onto card stock in a size you choose (without using the templates). These patterns produce a mini quilt that is 4" square, so the card must be at least that size in height and width.


Christmas mini quilt block pattern 4" finished mini quilt block: (or 4.5" quilt block top if using the template with the 4" cut-out). Refer to patterns on the followign page.

4" square piece of fusible web

4" square piece of batting or fusible fleece (optional) 

Cuttin Surface: for cutting card stock or template

Ruler / Scissors: for cutting card stock or template (exacto knife or small, sharp scissors work well for cutting out the square) 

Cardstock: Cardstock can be purchased in a large package at a chain craft store. Mine came as 8.5" x 11" sheets. I cut it down the center, widthwise, then folded to create cards. Each card measured 5.5" x 8.5". I purchased envelopes at a large discount paper supply warehouse. 

Decorations: (optional)  Other decorations as desired (ribbon, stamps, buttons, etc.) 

Paper:   (optional) For inside of card 

Quilter's Square: For squaring down the quilt block

Paper cutter:   Not a must, but nice to have. 

Scissors & Paper Edgers:   Craft scissors and edgers to add decorative edges to cards, stationery, etc. 

Glue & Adhesives:   Glue sticks, craft glue, foam glue, wood glue, bead glue, iron-on adhesives etc., depending on your project. 

Double-sided tape   Fiskars double-sided adhesive (I LOVE this stuff!)

Computer Printer:   Use for printing greeting text or images to paint with pens.

Large Sewing Ruler / Rotary Cutter:  Optional but nice to have.

Fabric: Quilt top fabric; also backing if you are making a finished mini quilt

Note: you might not need all of the items listed above, depending on your project.


My templates are provided in pdf format. Each template makes two cards. The "with cut-outs" templates include lines for cutting out the square - the mini quilt is placed behind the card front. The "without cut-outs" are for cards that have no area to cut out. The mini quilt is adhered to the front of the card. If you don't see what you need, use a text software or art program to create your own greetings.

For instructions on downloading pdf files go to: pdf instructions


download Happy Halloween / Happy Haunting templates 

download Happy Holidays / Seasons Greetings templates 

download Merry Christmas templates

download cut-out template: no greeting


download Happy Halloween / Happy Haunting 

download Merry Christmas 

download Happy Birthday 

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Page 1: Supplies
Go to page 2: mini quilt directions  Go to page 3: create cards


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