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Puppy And Cats Quilt

Puppy & Cats Quilt

Featuring Puppy & Cat Friends

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Puppy & Cats

This darling quilt features a puppy and his cat friends. Fish and bones create a playful atmosphere for these pals.

From snuggly flannels to bright spring cottons, use your scraps to create unique looks.

Great for baby, lap or your pampered pet.

Measures 38" x 40"

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Supplies Needed

Your choice of fabric for: cats, background, fish, bones and dog
Note: You will get entirely different looks by changing your fabrics. Use the same fabric for all 4 cats, use different fabrics for each cat, use the same fabric for all of the background, make each block a different background etc. The dog's ear must be a different fabric from the dog body in order to show up. It is best to use fabrics for the objects that contrast to the background in order for them to show up.

Allow extra if you are using one-directional fabric. Remember to pre-wash and dry your fabric before cutting to ensure the correct size. The amounts below allow for some shrinkage and some extra in case of errors. These quantities assume a width of 45" for the fabric bolt.

Cat Fabric
To make 4 cats of the same fabric, you will need yards

Dog Fabric You will need yard fabric for the dog body, and yard for the tail and ear (or scraps that are 2.5" x 2.5" for the tail and 3" x 5" for the ear)

Fish Fabric
To make both fishes the same, you will need yard fish fabric

Bone Fabric
For 2 bones, you will need yard bone fabric

Quilt Back: 1.5 yards of 45" wide fabric

Binding Fabric: This makes the border of the quilt. You can use left over fabric from the backing or purchase yard of 45" fabric. This is enough to cut four 2" strips (45" long, which is the width of the fabric).

Background Fabric: 1.5 yards Batting: enough for 38" x 40" quilt (the type that sticks in place with ironing is very nice)

Other Supplies
Quilter's Square
Straight Pins
Scissors: good sewing shears are a must. Thread cutters are very helpful also.

Optional Supplies: Cutting Mat, rotary cutter

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