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polar fleece scarf pattern

Polar Fleece Scarf

Easy to make scarf!

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Warmth & Comfort With Polar Fleece

Easy to make scarf! No seams on edges! Outer piece (black border of our scarf) wraps totally around edge.

Double sided patchwork (great for using up scraps). Measures 55" x 10". Scarf shown has one end in heather plum and the other end in heather grey. Other side is reversed.

NOTE: For added warmth, add a layer of Insul-Bright Insulation

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For side one (front), a rectangle of purple heather is sewn to a rectangle of plum heather. Then a black border is added to each short end, and then to each long end. This is repeated for side two (back), but the long borders are omitted. The front and back sides are then sewn together so that opposite colors are used on each end (front of one is grey and back of that same end is plum). Mix and match colors any way you choose to create a beautiful, very warm scarf. polar fleece scarf colors

Supplies Required:

Two pieces heather plum polar fleece, each measuring 25.5" x 6.5" (or color of your choice)
Two pieces heather grey polar fleece, each measuring 25.5" x 6.5" (or color of your choice)
Four pieces black polar fleece, each measuring 6.5" x 3"
Two pieces black polar fleece, each measuring 5.5" x 55.5" NOTE: Do NOT cut these pieces until you are finished sewing together the other scarf pieces. Measure the length again at that time to be sure of the needed length.

Thread (to match background - I used black)

Sewing pins, large sewing ruler, scissors or rotary cutter

Safety Reminders For Little Helpers

A. Always have an adult do all the ironing!
B. Never run with scissors. Carry them pointed end down.
C. Never use a sewing machine without adult supervision.
D. Always let an adult use the seam ripper for you.

Now you are ready to start!

Fabric Pieces

First, cut the pieces as stated above. Do NOT cut the two long border pieces at this time.

Assemble Scarf

1.   Sew one plum rectangle to one grey rectangle, right sides together, across one short end. Repeat with the other set of rectangles.

2.   Sew a short border across the short end of each rectangle set. You should have 4 borders and 4 ends.

polar fleece pattern

3.   Measure the long edge of one of your scarf sides. Cut two long borders that measure the length of the scarf x 5.5" (it should be approximately 55.5" x 5.5"). You should have 2 long borders.

4.   Sew a long border to each long side of ONE of your scarf pieces. You now have a front piece and a back piece for your scarf. One piece is wider than the other, because it contains the outer long borders.

5.   Place one side over the other side (right sides together), lining up the long border's lower edge of one piece with a long lower edge of the piece without a border. Line up the pieces so that colors are opposite (plum over grey for example). Refer to the upper figure in the drawing below (the top piece is outlined in red for clarity). Stitch across the bottom edge as shown.

Next, pull up the top piece so that the upper edges meet. Refer to the bottom figure in the drawing below. Stitch across the upper edge, leaving a 4"-5" opening (for turning the scarf right side out later). The large photo on the right shows the opening (red zig zag is area to sew). NOTE: If you are serging, stop serging about 1" before and after the opening. Use a regular sewing stitch for this area. This way, you can turn the scarf right side out and hand stitch the opening closed more easily.

polar fleece scarf pattern   

6.   Adjust the scarf so that the front lies directly over the back, with the long border pieces evenly spaced on each side of the scarf. Pin the short open ends of the scarf together, lining up seams. Stitch across the two short ends.

7.   Turn scarf right side out.

8.   Hand stitch the 4"-5" opening closed (the opening we had left in the outer border seam for turning). Use a small "invisible stitch".

9.   Pin the two sides of the scarf together in several places along the seams. Hand stitch the two sides together (like quilting two layers of a quilt), using a running stitch right on the seams. I stitched the two short seams and the two long seams of the black border. This held my two layers together and the hand stitching did not show in the seam.

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