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mail organizer

Wall Mounted Mail Organizer

sewing pattern

sort mail or file papers
in padded compartments

Tired of piles of mail growing on your dining table or kitchen counter? I knew I absolutely had to come up with a solution. This mail organizer hangs conveniently on the wall - hidden in my pantry.

The overall mail organizer measures approx. 14.5" x 46.5".

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Personal Mail Organizer

Customize the pockets with names, decor, fabric etc. The main pockets are large enough to hold magazines and catalogs. Sort by name or type of papers; it's your choice. Each finished pocket measures 14.5" x 7". I created a pocket for each family member, plus one bottom pocket divided with a vertical line of stitching into "file" and "shred" pockets (most mail goes directly to the shredder). Our mail organizer hangs in our pantry - out of the way, yet very convenient.

The pockets are completely finished, inside and out. Quilting helps hold the three layers together (backing, batting and front). Horizontal wood dowels on the back add stability.

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Front: 1 yard fabric (I used stars)
Pockets / Pocket Lining: 3/4 yard fabric (I used black)
Pocket Trim: 5" strip (45" width) (I used blue spotted fabric)
Backing: 48.5" x 16.5" piece of fabric
Letters: scrap pieces
Binding (I used 1.5" width strips of backing fabric to create my binding: you will need about 150" of binding)
Hanging Sleeve: 3" x 11.5" strip of backing fabric
Stability Sleeves: 2" x 14" strips of backing fabric

Other Supplies

One 13" wood dowel and two 5/8" brass cup hooks (to hang your wall hanging)

Three 13.5" wood dowels for stabilizing the wall hanging

Batting or Fusible Fleece*: 46.5" x 14.5" for main piece (cut larger - excess can be trimmed away later)

Stiff Interfacing or Fusible Fleece*: four pieces each measuring 14.5" x 7.25" for pockets

Embellishments: Thread or fabric paints for outlining letters

Fusible Web (or heat activated adhesive):
I used our Heat N Bond LITE, available at our Notions Store. Cut pieces large enough to contain letters.

Stabilizer (for machine embroidery):
I used our Pelon stabilizer, also available at our Notions Store. You will need a piece measuring 19.5" x 14.5".

Note, if you pre-wash fabric, do NOT use fabric softener. Washing will remove any sizing, which will allow for a stronger bond. I do not pre-wash and my pieces stick well. Any loose edges can be glued using applique glue.

* I used fusible fleece for the main piece and for the pockets, also available at our Batting Store. Stiff interfacing would also work for the pockets.

To create your own FREE alphabet for applique, use any software you have that allows you to create interesting letters. Good sources for letters are coloring books and embroidery transfers.

The letters at the right were created using Paint Shop Pro.
letter applique pattern
Or, you can download our letters, available in pdf format. For instructions on downloading pdf files, go to:
pdf instructions.

Download Applique Letters A-J      Download Applique Letters K-Z

Use a copier to enlarge or shrink your letters as needed.

SIZE: Your full name or word must fit onto a the main pocket piece, which measures 14" wide x 6" high when finished.

Cut Fabric Pieces

NOTE: Drawings are not to scale, but pieces do fit as shown.

pocket fabric layout

Cut eight 14.5" x 6.5" pieces (four for pocket and four for pocket lining).
background fabric layout

Cut three 14.5" x 11.5" pieces and one 14.5" x 14.5" piece.

Cut four pocket trim pieces, each measuring 2.5" x 14.5". pocket trim

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