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finished towel

Kitchen Towel

Add Ties And Hem Trim

Learn how to create beautiful Huck Weave Embroidery with our free lesson and pattern.
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Hanging Kitchen Towel

I used our huck toweling cloth to create this fall kitchen towel. Perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving and the entire fall season. Use a purchased towel or create an embroidered towel.

To learn Huck Weaving (used on my towel),
go to: Huck Weave Lesson.

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huck embroidery

Supplies Required

One yard of huck toweling cloth
This is 15" wide and finished on the two side edges. This will create 2 towels. OR purchase a kitchen towel that you can cut into two lengths, each approximately 18" long. The length does not have to be 18". Use your judgement here; it depends on how long you want your finished towel to be. When mine was finished, I decided it was a bit too long. I will cut the length (after washing) to no longer than 15".

1/4 yard fabric (I used a fall fabric)
Thread to match background of fabric

Pattern - Please download the pdf file. See instructions below for downloading. The pdf file contains the pattern for the body of the towel top.


Our patterns will download as a pdf files. If you need instructions on using pdf files, go to:
 PDF Instructions.

 Download towel top pattern.

Prepare Cloth

Wash and dry all fabrics before starting project.

Create Hem Trim

1. Measure the width of your towel. Add 1/2" to that number. Write down the number. My towel was 16", so my trim fabric width was 16.5". For a wide bottom border (2 inches), cut a piece of fabric 4.5" x the width you wrote down. My trim piece was 4.5" x 16.5". For a narrow border (1 inch) cut the trim piece 2.5" x the width of your towel.

2. Press under one long side and the two short ends 1/4". Lay the towel face down, with the bottom edge of the towel at the top. Lay the trim piece right side down over the towel, aligning the top edge of towel and unfolded edge of trim. The trim piece will be stitched to the BACK side of the towel. Pin trim to towel. See photos below.

3. Stitch trim to towel using 1/4" seam. Press seam. Fold trim to front of towel so that long folded edge just covers previous stitch line. Press. Pin trim to front side of towel. Topstitch around all four sides of front piece of trim. See photos below.

towel trim towel trim

Create Top & Ties

1. Use a gathering stitch to gather the top of the towel to a width of 5". For the gathering stitch, you can use your machine or hand stitch. My towel was made from our huck cloth. I flipped to the back side of the cloth and used my seam ripper to cut a horizontal thread. I then pulled that thread and it made a very nice gather stitch. See photos below.

gather cloth gather cloth

2. Use our pattern to cut out two top pieces. Press under the top edge 1/4" on both pieces. Press under the bottom edge1/2". Pin the pieces right sides together and stitch the side edges only (unpressed edges). Turn right side out. Press. press top
3. Tuck the gathered upper edge of the towel into the bottom opening of the hanger top. Pin into place. See photo below. pin top

4. Stitch across the bottom edge, stitching all three layers together (top of hanger, towel and back of hanger).

5. Cut two tie pieces, each 16" x 1.5". Press under one short end and both long ends 1/4" on each tie. Fold each tie in half lengthwise, wrong sides together. Press. Topstitch around the three folded edges of each tie. Insert the unfinished end of each tie into the towel top so that there is a tie on each side. Topstitch along both sides of the towel top and the top edge, catching the ties inside the towel top.

6. Tie to towel bar or oven handle by draping the ties over the handle to the back. Then bring the ties to the OUTSIDE of the towel and cross in front of the towel to tie.

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