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Sewing Guilds

Meet-ups, Clubs, Private Sewing Parties

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Why Start A Sewing Group?

Guilds, associations and clubs are a fabulous way to meet new friends who share your interest, as well as share sewing and crafting tips.

It might be fun to start your own club. If you decide to go that route, consider the following:

Will the group members be getting together to share ideas? Learn from one another? Critique work? Help one another finish projects? Sew for a common charity? Understanding the expectations of group members can decrease misunderstandings down the road. The purpose is always to have fun.

Meeting Location
A public place might be best (space, lighting and safety) if you don't yet know group members.

Ground Rules (remember to have fun!)
Leadership - will there be a main leader for the group?
Will you critique one another's work - this is a great way to learn, but you must set rules so that people are encouraged and assisted rather than hurt.
Will you plan trips out? How will expenses be handled?
Will the meetings be formal or informal?

Will members take turns teaching new techniques or sharing patterns?

Will the group have a group project, or will members work independently (or mix of both)?

Be open to new ideas. A stifling atmosphere will kill creativity. Your group will evolve over time as members become better acquainted with one another and skills change. A mixture of beginners and advanced can be fun. One person might be new to sewing but have excellent enthusiasm and ideas to share. Remember that an "old timer" can learn a lot from a "beginner".

Encourage other types of artists to join! Many artists who work with paint, mosaic tiles, glass and other materials have entered the world of quilting. Contemporary quilting is a very satisfying method for expressing yourself artistically.

Encourage men to join! Men are entering the world of quilting. "Man made quilt shows" are popping up around the country, featuring gorgeous, artistic quilts made by men.

Most important - keep it fun! Create a "safe" environment where people feel comfortable about expressing ideas and showing their work.

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Professional Guilds & Associations

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