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Easter Applique

Easter Applique

wall hanging or quilt block

Part of our seasonal wall hanging series

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Finished size approx imately 19.5" x 19.5"


Easy Piecing

Create this beautiful wall hanging to celebrate Easter. Fits same size dowel as our other wall hangings in this series. Use colorful scraps of fabric for eggs, tulips and butterfly. Hand or machine embroidery adds nice detail.

Iron fusible web onto the wrong side of fabric, cut out your pieces and remove the backing, then use an applique pressing sheet to fuse the pieces together. The pieces will stick to each other - not to the sheet! Then, simply peel your new applique off the sheet and iron it to your project.

This pattern is part of a seasonal and holiday series of wall hangings. They all use the same size of hanging sleeve, so they can easily be changed with the seasons.

For more patterns in this series, go to Holiday Series Wall Hangings

NOTE: I didn't totally finish this project. I wanted to get the pattern onto the site, so posted it "as is". I will add more photos when my own embroidery and finishing work is complete.

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Supplies Needed

Applique Pressing Sheet: see sample / purchase sheet

One 16.5" x 16.5" piece for block backgound (I used dotted green)

One 19.5" x 19.5" piece of fabric for backing

One 19.5" x 19.5" piece of batting (or fusible fleece - visit our store)

Fabric scraps for tulips, eggs, stem and leaves

One 13" x 6" piece of fabric for basket and handle, scrap for basket trim

One 3" x 5" piece of fabric for basket bow

Scraps for butterfly (or one 3" x 4" piece if using one piece)

One yard of fusible web (visit our store)

Border Fabric: Two strips of 16.5" x 2" and two strips of 19.5" x 2"

Binding (I used 1.5" width strips of backing fabric to create my binding: you will need about 90" of binding)

Butterfly body: Small piece of black for body strip

Hanger on back:

Visit our Notions Store for fusible fleece.

Visit our store for gorgeous fabrics, many of which were chosen for our free patterns.

Applique Pressing Sheet
This is a special type of sheet used for creating detailed appliques. The pattern is placed on a working surface. The pressing sheet is placed on top of the pattern, which can be seen through the sheet. Applique pieces are placed on the pressing sheet. When pieces are bonded with fusible web, they will stick to one another, but not to this sheet (they slightly stick - just enough to stay in place). When the applique is finished it is easily peeled off the sheet and is ready to iron onto your background fabric.

Visit our Notions Store to purchase an applique sheet (great price) and for more information on this item.

Fusible Web (or heat activated adhesive)
I used our Heat N Bond LITE, also available at our Notions Store. I used about 1/2 yard off one of our rolls.

Stabilizer (for machine embroidery)
I used our Pelon stabilizer, also available at our Notions Store. You will need a piece measuring 19.5" x 14.5".

Note, if you pre-wash fabric, do NOT use fabric softener. Washing will remove any sizing, which will allow for a stronger bond. I do not pre-wash and my pieces stick well. Any loose edges can be glued using applique glue.


Our patterns download as pdf files. For instructions on downloading pdf files,
go to: pdf instructions.

Use the "Overall Layout" drawings as guides for placement of pieces.

Tulip Layout

Tulip A Pattern Pieces

Tulip B Pattern Pieces

Basket Handle / Bow


Egg / Leaves

Main Basket

For an example of how to use an applique tracing sheet and fusible web, go to: Applique Flowers lesson / pattern


1. Trace Pattern Pieces

Trace all pattern pieces onto paper side of fusible web. Pattern pieces will be backwards because the fusible web will be ironed onto WRONG SIDE of your fabric pieces. NOTE: There is one egg pattern. Use it to create your desired number of eggs.

2. Fuse fusible web onto wrong side of fabric pieces. Cut out pieces; remove paper.

3. Assemble tulips. Layer in numbered order. #1 is laid down first, #2 is ironed over #1, etc. Iron all tulip pieces together (tulip only - omit stems) to create each tulip. Set finished tulip tops aside. create tulips

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