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chandelier earring

Chandelier Earrings

Easy & Elegant

Project Design By Aleah Sherrod for
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Chandelier Earrings

Beautiful Chandelier earrings to dress up your look. Quick, easy and affordable!

instructional videos click button to watch video

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Sterling silver head pins (6)

Chandeliers - your choice (2)
NOTE: chandeliers have holes around the edge for additional jewelry pieces to attach to. Our chandeliers had 3 holes each.

Beads or crystals with holes for threading onto head pin - your choice (our chanceliers had 3 holes each so we needed 6 crystal beads)

Ball hook wire (2)

Beading tools such as cutter and pliers

earring cutters and pliers
chandelier earring supplies


1. Open looped end of ball hook wire - just far enough to slide chandelier onto.
open ball hook wire
2. Slide chandelier onto ball hook wire.

3. Close ball hook wire.
attach chandelier

Steps 4 through 7 are featured in our video. Click the video after shown after step 7.

4. Thread one crystal onto head pin. Push to end of head pin. thread crystal onto pin
5. Feed the end of the pin without the bead through one hole of the chandelier, from the front to the back. In our photo, the front of the chandelier is facing down. add headpin
6. Using beading pliers, bend the end of the headpin without the bead down. bend headpin
7. Clip off the end of the headpin even with the top of the bead. Using pliers, bend the cut end of the headpin toward the bead. Repeat with other chandelier holes.

video image here
watch video
attached headpin

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