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stained glass and applique pattern

Rose Stained Glass Pattern

Also use for applique
or glass mosaic


This beautiful rose pattern was donated by and is printed here with their permission. It is copyright protected by and provided here for your personal use only.

About Custom stained glass windows and leaded glass panels for your home, business and house of worship. We specialize in traditional styled stained glass using the best available materials.

Please visit to see a full selection of their products, services and patterns.

Stained Glass Or Applique

This pattern is provided as a stained glass pattern. It would also work well as a mosaic pattern or an applique pattern.

If you are using this pattern for applique, visit our applique flowers pattern for a lesson on using applique pressing sheets.

If you are using this pattern to create a glass mosaic, visit our grape mosaic project for a lesson on glass mosaics.


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Download Rose Pattern
download pdf pattern

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