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non-slip cushion cover

Chair Cushion &

Removable Non-Slip Cover

page 1 of 2: inner cushion

page 2: nonslip cover

learn to sew with non-slip fabric
perfect for cat or small dog
or anyone in need of a cushion

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Inner Cushion / Removable Cover

Place the covered pet pillow/cushion over a sofa or chair and keep your furniture clean!

Non-slip fabric bottom holds cushion in place

Page 1 illustrates how to make the inner cushion; page 2 teaches how to make the outer cover, using non-slip fabric
Keep fur off your furniture (or desk or sewing table) with this easy to make pillow & cover set. Envelope back opening allows for easy removal of pillow inside. This one pattern creates the inside pillow, as well as the cover. Round the corners as needed and the pillow will fit nicely into the rounded pet beds. Bonus! We will show you how to sew with non-slip fabric!

Page 1 Inner Pillow  Go to Page 2 Pillow Covering

Supplies Required

Sewing machine and basic sewing tools
Thread to match fabric
one 13" x 17 " piece of fabric for pillow cover top
½ yard non-slip fabric underside of pillow (you need two 9" x 14" pieces)
½ yard fabric for inner pillow (or two 13" x 17 " pieces of fabric)
stuffing for inner pillow (or one 12" x 17" x 1" piece of foam)
pencil or pen

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Note: all seams are 1/4 inch. Always iron between steps.


Our patterns download as pdf files. If you need instructions on using pdf files,
go to PDF Instructions.

inner pillow pattern
Print 4 copies of the pattern.

outer covering TOP pattern
Print 4 copies of the pattern.

outer covering BACK pattern
Print 2 copies of the pattern.

NOTE: The outer pattern is just slightly larger than the inside pattern. This gives just a bit extra room, allowing the outer covering to slip over the inner pillow more easily. You will add a 2.5" extension to the straight edge of the back outer covering to create the hemmed areas. The extension piece is made from non-slip fabric. See the diagram below.


Cut out the four inner pillow pattern pieces. Lay out four pattern pieces as shown on the right (you will need to turn over two of the pieces). Line up the straight edges and tape all four pieces together along the straight edges. You have now created the inner pillow pattern.

Fold your fabric in half so that it measures 1/2 yard x 45". Place the pillow pattern on the folded fabric. Cut through both layers, creating 2 pillow pieces.
pattern layout cut out pillow

Stitch the pillow fabric pieces right sides together, using a 1/4" seam, all the way around, but leaving a 5" area open for turning. Turn right side out. Stuff pillow with stuffing. Hand stitch the opening closed.

NOTE: I used stuffing for one chair cushion, and foam for the cushion shown on this page. I used a 12" x 17" x 1" piece of foam. I used a pen to make marks where I needed to cut the foam, then rounded the corners and trimmed the sides using my regular sewing scissors. Refer to photos below.

mark foam for cutting ready to slip stitch
ready to slip stitch closed

ready to slip stitch

Go to Page 2 Pillow Covering

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