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basket quilt block pattern

Basket Quilt Block

pot holder, hot pad or quilt block

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All seams are 1/4"

3. Attach Handle

basket potholder pattern Iron under both long sides of the handle piece. Cut a half oval or half circle out of paper and pin that to the pink floral triangle to use as a guide for the handle placement. The oval should be about 5" from one end of the handle to the other. Pin handle to large pink floral triangle (#1), using the paper as a guide. Baste handle into place. Remove paper. Refer to the following photo.

4. Assemble Block

basket potholder Stitch #1 purple to pink floral with handle, right sides together, as shown. Press seam open.

basket potholder Stitch a pink floral rectangle to a #3 purple triangle. Press seam open. Repeat. You will have two rectangles with a triangle attached on on end. Note how triangle exceeds down past rectangle.

basdket quilt block Stitch one rectangle/triangle piece to one basket side. Press seam open. Repeat with other side. Refer to photo.

basdket quilt block Stitch one rectangle/triangle piece to one basket triangle side. Press seam open. Repeat with other side. Refer to photo.

basket quilt block   basket quilt block

Stitch #2 pink floral triangle to bottom edge of basket, right sides together. Press seam open.

Hand stitch the handle into place, using tiny, "invisible" stitches. Stitch the inner curve of the handle first, then the outside curve. Remove the basting.

5. Attach Heart Applique

Place the pattern piece onto the wrong side of the blue heart. Your heart fabric will extend 1/4" beyond the pattern piece all the way around. Clip heart where necessary. Iron under the edges of the heart, using the pattern edges to assist you in creating nice curves. Remove paper; hand applique the heart into place on the basket.

6. Assemble Pot Holder

Square down the quilt block to a size measuring 9.5" x 9.5".

If you have not done so yet, cut a piece of backing measuring 9.5" x 9.5" (white).
OR use therma flec scorch resistant cloth as backing.

Layer your backing wrong side up, then the batting, then the insulation, then another layer of batting, then the quilt block top right side up. Baste the three layers together.

Cut binding into 1.75" wide strips; stitch binding pieces to form long enough binding to go all the way around your pot holder, plus about 12" extra.

Iron under 1/4" on one long side of binding. Stitch it around the outer edge, making mitered corners. When, finished, trim off unused binding, leaving a "tail" that is about 5". Iron under both sides of binding, plus end. Refer to the following photos.

binding   binding

binding Stitch the open edge of the tail closed. Refer to photo below. Twist the tail into a loop and hand or machine stitch onto back of pot holder. This forms the hanger.

spring basket pot holder pattern Change the look by changing fabric styles and colors. Make a fall basket, spring basket, or holiday basket.

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Page 2: sewing directions
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