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finished shirt

Applique Lesson: Fusible Web

learn how to use fusible web
(iron-on adhesive)
to attach applique

Also see: Shamrock Applique


Fusible Web Instructions

We cut out a monkey from our pj pants fabric, and adhered it to a tank top, instantly creating a "matched" set. We also made a shamrock shirt, using an ordinary tee shirt and cut-out fabric letters. This article explains the technique. Applique is easy when using fusible web, also called fusible adhesive.

For the shamrock pattern go to:
shamrock shirt pattern.

Idea Tip: Use fusible web to add lettering or fabric pieces to just about any surface, including paper, fabric, cardboard, etc. We used this technique for the following projects:

no sew applique gift bag
shamrock applique
pumpkin placemat
birthday placemat
holiday gift tags

Those are just a few of our projects. I'm sure you will find many more uses, once you have mastered this technique.

There are two steps to using fusible web (also called iron-on adhesive). The first is to attach the adhesive to your the wrong side of the transfer piece (the applique piece). The web (on the wrong side) acts like a glue, once it is heated by an iron.

The second step is to iron the applique onto your garment.

If you are creating an intricate applique, with many pieces, it is best to adhere them all together before adding them to the main piece. This is done with the use of a pressing sheet.

To learn a quick and easy method for using iron on adhesive and a pressing sheet (the applique pieces will not stick to the pressing sheet, which makes it easy to create intricate appliques), visit our free instructions on Creating A Floral No-Sew Applique.

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Sewing Supplies: tee shirt, scissors, quilting pins, large sewing ruler, seam ripper, Fusible web (iron-on adhesive), fabric for applique.

First, cut a piece of fusible web (such as Heat N Bond or Wonder Under - also called iron-on adhesive) large enough to cover your fabric design. Follow the directions on the iron-on adhesive. Be sure that the rough side is next to the back of your fabric. The paper side should be toward your ironing board (away from the fabric piece, because it will be pulled off). After the adhesive is ironed onto your applique piece, remove the paper backing. Wonder Under

Instructions For Letters
Lay the web over the pattern, paper side up. Trace the reversed image onto the paper side of the fusible web. I found that pencil worked best (ink smeared). Remember - letters must be reversed because they will be flipped over. Since the letters are traced onto the paper, you cannot remove the paper until the fusible web has been fused to the letter fabric and the letters have been cut out.
trace pattern iron web to fabric

Next, cut out the design to the desired shape. Iron it onto the shirt. cut out design

After the applique is ironed on, you can use fabric paints to outline the applique, or satin stitch around the applique. This keeps the applique's edges from fraying and helps keep it attached well. fusible web iron on the applique

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