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kitchenaid mixer cover pattern

Pieced Cover Pattern

Kitchenaid Electric Mixer Cover

adjust size for other appliances

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Pieced Appliance Cover

Designer: Christina Sherrod

kitchenaid mixer cover pattern side panel This version of my mixer cover uses a speedy cut and splice method for the front. I cut and spliced in yellow strips, which framed a second fabric print. The cut and splice method is the same method used in "stack and whack" quilt piecing. I also added a quilt block to one side panel. As variation, leave the front as one piece (as in my easy version), omit the side panel quilt block, or use your favorite quilt block design for the side. Mix and match ideas to suit your tastes.

The cover has an inner layer of felt and is fully lined. 

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Easy vs Fancy Version

kitchenaid cover pattern NOTE: Our Easy Version Mixer Cover omits the piecing on the front and the quilt block on the side.

If you are not familiar with creating quilt blocks, or splicing in strips of fabric, I suggest you make an easy cover before tackling this project. The two are made with the same pattern pieces (one long piece that covers the side and top) plus a piece that is the front and back. Once you learn the basics of creating an appliance cover, this version will not be difficult.

douple cut quilt block The cut and splice method used in this mixer cover design is similar to the couble cut method used in my Starfire Quilt.

Appliance Cover Size

This pattern was designed for a Kitchenaid electric mixer. Measurements can be adjusted to fit your mixer, toaster, blender, or other appliance.

Measures 16" tall x 16" deep x 12" wide.


If double sided, pre-quilted fabric is used, batting and lining can be omitted.

Project Supplies

Fabric: assumes fabric is at least 40" wide

Outer Fabric: 1 yard
Lining: 1 yard
Contrast (gold solid for accent stripes): 1/2 yard
Binding for lower edge
Fabric pieces for side quilt block (block of your choice)

Crafter's Felt or Fusible Fleece, or batting: 1 yard of 45" wide felt
The felt comes on a large bolt and can be found at Joann's. This can be used in place of batting. It is very inexpensive, washable and creates a nice amount of stiffness. If you are going to add much quilting to your piece, batting would work better.

TIP: If you wish to use pre-quilted fabric, but can't find just what you need, you can create it yourself. Learn how with my Prequilted Fabric Instructions.

Pattern: For front and back

Go to Easy Cover Pattern to download the pattern pieces that make up the front and back of the covere (pieces A, B, C & D). The same pattern pieces are used in both this pieced cover and my easy cover. The fabric that creates the sides and top will be cut later.

Sewing Supplies

sewing scissors
quilting pins
large sewing ruler
fabric marking pencils
seam ripper
rotary cutter and mat (optional but nice)

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