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Hand Made Gift Tags

economical - all occasion

hand made gift tags
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Card Stock & Scissors

Designer: Aleah Sherrod

What can you make with left over card stock and stickers? Adorable gift tags! Use card stock from your other projects. Add stick-on letters, notions and other decor. Customize your tags to fit any occasion.

Economical, because you can use your "odds & ends" from other projects.

Gift Tag Size

Customize your tags to any size and shape you desire.


gift tag supplies hole punch
string / floss
card stock / greeting cards
stickers / stamps
felt marker


1. Cut Cardstock

cut cardstock for gift tag Cut rectangle or shape of your preference out of card stock or old greeting card.

2. Punch Hole

punch holes for ribbon Punch a small hole in the upper left corner or left center for attaching string, floss or ribbon (may be elsewhere if using different shape of card stock).

3. Thread Ribbon

thread floss for loop on hand made gift tag Thread the floss/ribbon/string through the hole and tie a knot or, as shown in the photo, thread the floss/ribbon/string through a button.

floss loop for hand made tag If you choose to use a button, thread the floss through a button hole from back to front, then and back through to the button back (the way you would when sewing on a button) to secure it, preventing the floss from slipping out. To finish it off, tie a loop (as shown) and cut off any extra.

4. Decorate

thread floss for loop on hand made gift tag For the tags shown in this project, I used letter stickers for the To/From and a felt tip marker for the ":" (colon). You can use general or holiday / special occasion stickers, as well as stamps, to decorate.

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