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 painted jar

Wheat Sheaf Painted Jar

by Jane Lake of

If you like to have flour, pasta, coffee, sugar or flour stored securely, then you might like these hand painted canisters made from coffee jars and mason jars. The wheat sheaf motif is easy to do with yellow paint marker.

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This project was contributed by Jane Lake. It is printed here with her permission. You can find more of her craft designs and free patterns on her website at Copyright Jane Lake 2002 All Rights Reserved

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Nestle instant coffee jar, a mason jar, or other assorted jars that you like.

Paint markers in yellow, white and bronze, or yellow and the colour you'd like for a bow.


Easy paint marking.


Wash and rinse the jars. Study the photographs for design ideas. The wheat sheaf motif is quite simple; just start with the stem lines, then touch the marker to the glass to create a wheat kernel, painting another wheat kernel directly opposite on the stem. Put one wheat kernel at the top of each stem.

The stems are criss-crossed, freehand, across the top of the jar, and simply arched to meet across the bottom. Experiment with your own placement ideas on a piece of paper, then add to the jar as you like.
glass painting

For the bow, choose your colour and outline the bow shape with two stylish forked tails . Add highlights with white marker.

You could paint the lids of the jars to match, as in the taller coffee jar here, or just leave them plain, like the mason jar lid. Yellow scraps of gingham or other pretty fabric could be cut in a circle and fastened on the lid with a rubber band, topped with a bow.

Use the jars as canisters for coffee, sugar, flour, pasta or other kitchen staples that you prefer to have handy.

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