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waste basket cover

Waste Basket Cover

Decorative Fabric Cover

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Turn Inexpensive
Into Custom Style

Turn an inexpensive, plastic waste basket into a decorative piece. Elegant or casual, contemporary or traditional. Use holiday or special occasion prints for a fun look. Baby fabrics would make a darling basket in a baby's room. Add a bow, buttons, bling, ties or other items for a creative look.

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Supplies Required (depends on the size of your waste basket: mine measured 26.5" top circumference, and 10" tall)

1/4 yard fabric in two prints
Waste basket
Thread (to match background)

Note: all seams are 1/4 inch. Always iron between steps.

Sewing Supplies:
Ruler, compass (for drawing large circle), fabric glue, scissors or rotary cutter, pins, iron.

1. Make A Pattern

Measure circumference at top of waste basket (measure around the top, close to the upper edge). This measurement is "A".
Measure the cirfumference at the bottom of the waste basket. This measurement is "B".
Measure the height of the waste basket. This measurement is "C".

ADD 2" to A.
ADD 2" to B.
ADD 1/2" to C.

Write down these numbers.
measure basket


Divide "A" by 4.
Round down to the nearest 1/4".
Write down that number.
Example: my basket's upper circumference was 26.5". I added 2", which brought it to 28.5". 28.5 divided by 4 is 7.125. I rounded down to 7.

Divide "B" by 4.
Round down to the nearest 1/4".
Write down that number.
Example: my basket's lower circumference was 24". I added 2", which brought it to 26". 26 divided by 4 is 6.5. No rounding was needed.

Draw a line across the top of a paper. The line should equal "A" in length.
Draw a new line across the bottom of the paper. The line should equal "B". The distance between "A" and "B" should equal "C" and "A" and "B" should have their centers aligned.

Draw two lines, connecting the ends of "A" and "B".
Example: My top line was 7". My bottom line was 6.5" and the two lines were 10.5" apart (my "C" was 10.5")

Trace the top 2" of your pattern. This will be your lining pattern.
make pattern

lining pattern

2. Create Outer Shell

Using your main pattern piece, cut two pieces from each fabric (total four pieces).
Repeat with lining pattern.

Stitch all four main pieces together, right sides together. Stitch the first piece to the last piece, right sides together. Alternate your colors. Press.

Turn basket upside down and slide the cover over the basket. Set it upright and check the fit.
check fit check fit

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