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glasses case pattern

Eyeglass Cases

pieced, coordinated eyeglass cases

make these in a snap, using
fusible fleece

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Seminole Eyeglass Case Pattern


Coordinated Glasses Cases

I have two pairs of glasses. I HATE digging one pair out of the case and holding it while I put the other pair into the same case (such as when swapping sun glasses for regular glasses). Hard cases are too large and bulky to fit into my purse. Store bought cases don't suit my taste or don't fit my glasses. This set of cases is the answer! Made from coordinating prints, they make a nice set. Finished cases are approximately 4" x 6.5". No unfinished edges - nicely finished inside and out!

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NOTE: For a different lining method that adds an inner pouch to keep glasses inside case go to: Seminole Quilted Case With Inner Pouch.

Supplies Required

Two pieces of 9" wide x 7.5" fabric (in coordinating prints/colors)
Two pieces of 9" wide x 7.5" fabric for lining of cases
Two pieces of 9" wide x 7" Fusible fleece
Pattern*: Rounded Corner Template

*Our pattern downloads as a pdf file. If you need instructions on using pdf files, go to  PDF Instructions.

Note: all seams are 1/4 inch. Always iron between steps.

Sewing Supplies:
Iron, sewing thread, sewing machine, sewing scissors

1. Cut two coordinating fabrics, each 9" wide by 7.5". Cut two pieces of lining, each 9" wide by 7". Cut two pieces of fusible fleece, each 9" wide by 7". coordinating fabric

2. Lay one piece on top of the other, both right sides up. Cut across pieces, 3" from top. Separate the pieces. Mix-match the two pieces so that the top section of one is now the top section of the other. Stitch pieces together, right sides together. Press seams open. Finished block should measure 9" wide x 7".
NOTE: The top section on the right was actually cut from a separate piece because I wanted the lines to run in a different direction.
mixed pieces

3. Fuse one piece of fusible fleece to the wrong side of each block. To fuse fleece: Place fusible fleece right side up on ironing board. Place fabric, right side up, directly on top of fleece. Press with iron (wool/steam setting).

Purchase Fusible Fleece
fusible fleece

4. Fold fused block in half on vertical center (so that, when folded, it measures 4.5" wide by 7"). Place on working surface so that the fold is on the right. Use the rounded corner template to cut off the upper left corner (opposite to the folded edge).

Repeat with each fused block and the two pieces of lining.
cut upper left corner
5. Pin lining to block, right sides together. Stitch around three sides, using 1/8" seam allowance, leaving bottom (straight) edge open. stitch 3 sides

6. Turn piece right side out. The fleece will be on the inside, between the outer layer and the lining. Press. The bottom edge is open. pressed outer piece

7. Fold in half, right sides together. Stitch down the outer open edge and across the bottom, 1/8" from the edge. Zig-Zag or serge across the bottom edge's seam allowance to help prevent fraying. Turn right side out and press. The seam allowance down the inside outer edge will be very small and is now finished nicely.
In the photo on the right, the stitch line has been enhanced.

Add a snap, loop and button, or ties if you wish to hold the case closed (so glasses do not easily fall out) OR go to our
seminole pieced glasses case pattern to learn how to add an inner pocket.
final seam

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