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quilted glasses case

Seminole Quilted Eyeglass Case

with inner pouch

beautifully finished inside & out

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Seminole Quilted Glasses Case
With Inner Pouch

Unique inner pouch Glasses don't fall out! Glasses tuck nicely into inner pouch and do not slip out of case. Learn Seminole piecing while creating this beautiful and unique glasses case. Create dramatic looks with your choice of fabrics. Great way to use up scraps! Finished size approx. 4" x 7". All Patterns, images and instructions are copyright protected.
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A word from the desinger
The seminole quilted eyeglass case in my original design first appeared on this website many years ago. People loved it, but glasses tended to slip out of the case. I created a new design that includes a small pouch at the top of the case on the inside, back side. That solves the problem without the need for adding buttons or closures. I also changed the construction so that assembly is easier. I love it!  
♥ © Christina Sherrod May 2008 ♥

Cut the following fabric pieces: (choose your own colors - I will refer to colors shown below)


Diamonds & Triangles:

NOTE: These strips and pieces are longer than necessary, but allow for "mistakes". Pieces will be trimmed later.
peach print: cut 1 strip 1.75" x 18"
dark green: cut 1 strip 2" x 18"
light green: cut 1 stip 2" x 18"
Border Pieces:
brown: Cut 2 strips 1" x 8"
Cut 2 strips 1" x 3"

Cut 2 piece 4.5" x 7.5"
Inner pouch: Cut 1 piece 4.5" x 3"

Main Body
peach print: cut 1 piece 8" x 1.75" and one piece 8" x 6.5"

Pattern*: Rounded Corner Template

*Our pattern downloads as a pdf file. If you need instructions on using pdf files, go to  PDF Instructions.


Note: all seams are 1/4 inch. Always iron between steps.

Sewing Supplies: thread, scissors, quilting pins, large sewing ruler, seam ripper
hint: quilting pins are easier to use than regular pins; a tupperware box works well as a supply box.

Create Diamond Piece

Lay out three long strips of fabric, with the narrow one in the middle (i.e. the 1.75" wide strip is in the middle). Sew the three strips together, right sides together. Press seams away from center strip. Trim ends straight, using sewing ruler or quilter's square.

Cut sewn piece into 1.75" wide strips. You should have a 10 strips. This is more than you will need, but allows for "errors".
seminole cut

Next, take your 7 best strips of each set and lay them out diagonally, next to each other. Rotate which row is on top (i.e. if dark green is on top for one strip, the one adjacent should have light green on top). seminole quilting

Sew the strips together right sides together. Trim off points. Use a sewing ruler and rotary cutter for best results. Cut off ends, leaving 4 "diamonds" plus 1/4" all the way around. See photos below.

Your diamond piece should measure approzimately 2" x 7". Don't worry if your piece is not this exact size, however. Other pieces will be added and the entire piece will be trimmed to a final size later.

If you need help with points, go to: Quilt Lessons: Points.

trim diamonds trimmed piece

Measure across the width of the diamond strip; it should measure approximately 2". Cut two pieces of border fabric 1" x 2" (or the width you need). Stitch a brown strip to each end of the diamond strip. Press seams toward outer edge. Cut two pieces of border fabric 1" x 7.5" and stitch them to the two long sides of the diamond strip. Press seams toward outer edge.

Trim the bordered diamond strip so that its finished size is 2.5" x 7.5". diamond strip

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