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finished block

Tropical Fish Wallhanging



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Fish Block Four is made up of a square within a square. The interior square contains the fish. The outer square contains one corner made of sand fabric.
Measures 8.5" x 8.5"


Pattern Pieces

Print out a copy of the overall layout so you'll know where each block goes.

NOTE ABOUT PRINTING: Be sure your printer is set to print at 100%. If "Shrink to fit" or "Fit to page" etc. is selected, YOUR PATTERN PIECES WILL NOT PRINT TO THE CORRECT SIZE. Every pattern page lists one or more dimensions. CHECK YOUR PRINTED PATTERN FOR ACCURACY OF SIZE.

Fish Block Four Pattern
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Fish Block 4 Pattern: Page 1

Fish Block 4 Pattern: Page 2

Fish Block 4 Pattern: Page 3

Fish Block 4 Pattern: Page 4


1.  Create center block. Stitch together the four pieces of the main body square (piece 3).

fish quilt block
figure 1

2.  Create fins. Stitch pieces 1 and 2 to piece 6 (2 sets). NOTE: These are opposites. For one set, piece 1 is purple and 2 is gold; for the other set 1 is gold and 2 is purple.

fish quilt block
figure 2

The photo at the right shows the alignment of the pieces when they are sewn (piece 6 and piece 1).

fish quilt block

Completed fins - wrong side.

fish quilt block

3.  Stitch the main body square to a fin set. Be sure to align colors of body with fin colors. Next, stitch the water square to the other fin set. The two halves of the fish will then be sewn together.

fish quilt block     fish quilt block

4.  Stitch the two halves of the fish together.

fish block 4

fish quilt block

5.  Stitch 5A to 5B, creating the lower right triangle for the block. 5B is cut from sand fabric, 5A is cut from water fabric. Stitch the four large outer triangles to the four sides of the fish (piece 5). The photo on the right shows the triangles sewn into place, with piece 5B turned back.

fish quilt block

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