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fish block pattern

Tropical Fish Wallhanging



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Fish Block Two is made up of a square within a square. The interior square contains the fish. The fish itself is made up of one large striped square, and four triangles (that make up the fins), plus a square and two triangles of water fabric. The outer square is made up of 2 large plain triangles, and two striped triangles (the fish is swimming by a weed in the water).
Measures 8.5" x 8.5"


Pattern Pieces

Print out a copy of the overall layout so you'll know where each block goes.

NOTE ABOUT PRINTING: Be sure your printer is set to print at 100%. If "Shrink to fit" or "Fit to page" etc. is selected, YOUR PATTERN PIECES WILL NOT PRINT TO THE CORRECT SIZE. Every pattern page lists one or more dimensions. CHECK YOUR PRINTED PATTERN FOR ACCURACY OF SIZE.

Fish Block Two Pattern
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Fish Block 2 Pattern: Page 1

Fish Block 2 Pattern: Page 2

Fish Block 2 Pattern: Page 3

Fish Block 2 Pattern: Page 4


1.  Create body's center square. Layout pieces 3, 4 and 5. Stitch pieces 3, 4 and 5 together, forming a square.

fish block 2 fish quilt block
fish quilt block   

2.  Create the triangles 8 and 9. Lay out the pieces for triangle 8 and triangle 9. Stitch pieces together.

fish quilt block fish quilt block

3.  Create the two fin squares (made of pieces 1, 6 and 2). Lay out pieces. Stitch pieces together. Line up piece fin and water pieces as shown on left below. NOTE: For one fin square, piece 1 is orange and piece 2 is purple. For the other fin square, it is the opposite: piece 1 is purple and piece 2 is orange.

fish quilt block fish quilt block

4.  Stitch the plain water square (piece 7) to the upper fin square. Stitch the lower fin square to the body square. Stitch the two halves together, forming the main part of the fish square. Refer to the photos below.

fish quilt block fish quilt block

5.  Stitch triangles 8 and 9 to the body of the fish. fish quilt block

6.  Stitch one piece 10 to each side of the fish. This completes the block. fish quilt block

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